November 02, 2005

Facials . . .no, not that type...well, maybe.

As Slayer comes onto my iTunes I feel as so it is time for another update of this fantastic website, blog...whatever you wanna call it.

Quite a number of pictures have been taken over the last 2 days, probably of the same ole stuff, but least we're updating this thing.

Simon, Botched photo of a boost thinger me bobber.

Simon, Invert like dam! Photography work by Cody.

Steven, Air way ouuut there.

And onto todays pictures . . .

Simon, Oppisite 180 lookback, Simon likes the little diddle.

Ryan, I really need to get around to learning something new.

Steven, 270 table topper

Aparently Marlowe was bored tonight...check the myspace photo creppin in.

Another Marlowe so true.

Marlowe on the left...and I think its steven on the right...Marlowe finnaly shot steven in the head . . .fuck, I was going to some something sexually related right there, but alas. no

My new vehicle...$650 and its rugged as fuck.

And perhaps the best picture of the update.

So you want news huh? Well I'm pretty much out of the know as far as anything goes, I could talk about how Im getting a video camera soon or how I got 5 different nicknames in 1 night on the town. But no one wants to hear that shit.

Motorhead are in New Zealand in a month..i cannot wait.

X*Air is only 2 months away start saving that drinking money, I know we all are.

This dude Will is flying into New Zealand for a week long tour of the north islands skateparks, he arrives next Friday and leaves the friday after I belive. So we shall be creating a trail of destruction from Auckland to Wellington.

Myspace is going off as of late, even Haimona has joined the party...belive it!

2 Pairs of girl jeans for $100...too good to be true you say? Well young man, you're gay.


I'm bored, ending time.

more to follow.


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