October 25, 2005

Still D.R.E

Straight outa east devon I bring you da prophecyBMX update for tha 25october, yo.

So me and my gangsta crew of Sexy Simon, C-Dawg, Killa Steven, Headshot Marlowe & R-Unit met at the H.Q for a night of Mai FM and drinking NZ Lager.

Pffftttt, what the fuck am I on about.

Ryan showing has signature technique, Suduce, grasp, end.

Simon is in every drunk pic I have...hes a whore.

Cody...Showing his Counterstrike pose.

Anyhow, next day after a grand 4 hours sleep...thanks Mr headshot! We decided to head to Whangamata to meet up with George, Louis, Fred & Luke, who just so happened to be on their way down from the AKL.

We stopped in Waihi for a quick ride, which turned into about an hour ride well dodging soccer balls being kicked over from the game that was going on.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the park and everyone rode well, Marlowe showed his Gisbourne roots via doing a flyout on everything in sight...haha, no, he didn't, he just ripped the place up and hit every line in site.

Steven...its an air, what else do you want me to say?

Marlowe, Botched Invert photo...the landing on this was toooight

Simon, Botched (again) photo of a tuck 180...I suck at the whole picture thing.

From Waihi we headed to Whangamata, where we were met with Aucklanders and Fred! who was sporting a dirty...dirty 'stash.
Caleb from Whangamata was also down and riding, going big over everything with style for miles.
After noticing Luke sitting down without his bicycle I thought I'd see what was happening with the non-riding, and he let me know that he left his front wheel on his front lawn . . .I see no need to comment.

About 30mins into the ride I was hauling ass(going slower than that long lost uncle with a limp) at this ramp about to do some extreme airial when my chain decided to snap on me...hurray, no biggie, just no riding.
But this was kind of a good thing for Luke as he was able to steal my front wheel and get loose. (Pat. Pending, Gisbourne)

Luke does the best tables . . .

I don't even know what this thing is called. Caleb rippin'

Marlowe, snakerun invert...he did these time and time again and I finnaly got a semi good shot, I hate my camera.

Simon, Turning it down for the Whangamata locals.

From here we headed to Calebs trails, which I must admit are looking super sexy, spines, dirt quarters, so many jumps, berm jumps, gaps, transfers...so so good.

About half the trails. Check his blog for more pics of them.

Caleb, boooosting the middle set.

The trails were a bit wet so only a couple of people rode them...I can't wait till they're dry and we're there.

George & caleb was forced to ride back to the Skatepark from the trails, which is a bit of a hike...george took the lazy route.

After getting back to the park we more a less rode till it started to rain/get dark, George crashed on a big table in the snakerun, which wasn't a bad crash, but at the same time, crashing at a million miles an hour on not-so-smooth concrete is never good.

After saying out goodbye we headed back to Rotorua, for a night of getting drunk and talking about Counterstrike...what the fuuuuuck.
I watched Bruce All Mighty and Marlowe played counterstrike, I mean C.S..I mean C.S.S...hell, I don't know what I mean.

Anyway, Luke has a bunch of pics from this night & the next day at the trails which I will let him put up and write about.

If he doesn't use the pictures I have spare then I'll edit them into this.

Thanks to Marlowe for coming all the way from Gisbourne to ride with us cockheads, Veggie Susages arn't all that bad!

And Luke, ya shitcunt, its always good riding & drinking with you.

I suppose I should thank Rotorua? nah.

keep on reppin' for the 07

Edit -

This Just In!

Luke has a virus on his computer, MSN Convo:

Luke, says:

Luke, says:
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Luke, says:
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Luke is awesome.

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