May 25, 2009

ugh whooops

its been over a month since anything. lets blame this one on too much work, girlfriends and being slack as fuck.

i think i have one more riding photo that I've taken.
Cody jared & phillip went to oz for a week or so i think. i have a few pictures from that but no stories as I'll let phil or cody or jared write up some. maybe a video aswell.

and the usual drank blah that you don't really care about.

i'll get that bullshit out of the way first.

couple weeks back at about 9pm jared cody rachael and i headed to taurnaga for a night out, checked into a dodgy hotel where no doubt a bunch of dirty hookers have been fact we saw one leaving. awesome.

also at buddah bar i think it was called we saw a couple girls dancing amazingly , jared mentioned it was like we were in a rap video .. .

okay i tried to find a youtube video to demonstrate this but i got distracted and gave up. but you get the idea

oh and after she noticed us mentally recording her for about 5 minutes she promptly handed us each her business card, which had her contact details so you could hire her as an 'exotic dancer' exotic!

Heres a couple pictures that ended up on my iphoto from codys camera. melbourne!

cody drinking at 730am


duty free!

Stricly bmx

good old colony hell stalions . . . cody has a video of this dude casing the box and there-fore breaking his frame in half...ugh?

ramp fest and philip flipping!

i dunno if you can view facebook videos but here you go: little video phil put together of the trip.

also when getting picturs off cody a bunch of old pictures popped up.

aww Jack.

thanks rad.

heres the one bmx picture i have taken in the last month. ha.

hopefully be able to get out to ride in the cold a bit more often this month.