February 24, 2005

Dirt Jam and Shit

ugh, yes, I just got back from the Rotorua BMX Club dirt Jam thing, well I just got back from the park, but whatever.

I think that this Kyle dude came first, he did a flip turndown or something.

Carl from Shed7 broke his leg.

Jed tried flipwhips, and did some super rad 360 things.

Another Taupo dude tried a 720.

About 20 riders turned up, but about 50 gazillion mountion bikers turned up aswell, which made it pretty lame.

Um yeah, heres a couple of pictures that I took, I think someone from Zombie was their taking pictures so their should be some more high quality pictures from them once their site gets re-done.

Jed, fancy 360.

Carl, Did I hear a click?

Mark, Style Cat.

Um, yeah, If anyone out their is an artist who wants to draw me a logo, E-mail me!

I think thats about it.



February 14, 2005

My computer died

Yea, my computer has died so I won't be updating this much now.

Not that I think anyone really reads this, but oh well, I think this because no one has ever left any comments! arrr.

Dead Memory order is going out soon, well as soon as Luke gets his shit into gear.

Then after that will be another RNC order, which should hopefully go a bit smoother this time.

Then Solid and Tree orders.