February 24, 2005

Dirt Jam and Shit

ugh, yes, I just got back from the Rotorua BMX Club dirt Jam thing, well I just got back from the park, but whatever.

I think that this Kyle dude came first, he did a flip turndown or something.

Carl from Shed7 broke his leg.

Jed tried flipwhips, and did some super rad 360 things.

Another Taupo dude tried a 720.

About 20 riders turned up, but about 50 gazillion mountion bikers turned up aswell, which made it pretty lame.

Um yeah, heres a couple of pictures that I took, I think someone from Zombie was their taking pictures so their should be some more high quality pictures from them once their site gets re-done.

Jed, fancy 360.

Carl, Did I hear a click?

Mark, Style Cat.

Um, yeah, If anyone out their is an artist who wants to draw me a logo, E-mail me!

I think thats about it.



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