December 28, 2004

Just a quick word

I just got back from auckland today and am heading to Whangamta early tomorrow morning to dodge the alcohol checkpoints.

Basicly the whole Rotorua crue (well the trendy fucks) will be in Whangamata for new years, which should be good.

If you're up those ways gimme a txt and we shall meet for some freestyle arials and maybe even some sick rotations of the cycle type!

Oh and a prophecyBMX related note, Tree and RNC orders will hopefully be here any day now...Tree will be here fo heezy within this week.



December 22, 2004

Trippin, pictures and blah.

I won't be updating this untill either next week sometime or after New Years.

As I'm heading to Auckland tomorrow untill monday, then next wednesday I'm heading to whangamata for new years..should be fun.

Heres a picture of Luke boosting Carl's ramp in Tauranga, the coping is just out of the picture:

Heres another picture from Carl's ramp, Tim (Timmy from the rideBMX forums...) doing a table:

And the last picture for the update, Simon, 1 handed table: (simonhasamidgetarm)

I'm still trying to get my camera to work okay...

I never thought Britney Spears was that hot untill I saw this:

Ummm, yea, if you want to contact me over the next few days, preferably if you are nude and hot, txt/ring me: 027 696 0010



December 20, 2004

Random Pictures

Yep, So I got bored yesterday and decieded to paint my bike with Supercheap paint, the colour is called "Indian Red" but it looks more like poo brown to me:

And yea, it looks like shit as I didn't bother sanding it or taking off stickers or anything.

Heres a couple random pictures from the drink's I had after the BMX Jam a couple weeks ago:

About half the people that were there and about half the drinks...the quarter was fun.

Simon and Cody Rockin' out to AC/DC

Matt D, he also stole a lawn gnome that ended up headless and in my mothers garden the next morning...don't ask me.

I think I counted about 8 flags, and alot of other rubbish...god know's where it got to.

More pictures can be found here on my photobucket, get all fancy and figure out how to get to it nerd.

I'm going to leave you with a Trippy picture I took of adam doing a double peg to smith the other night...people still have pegs?

Photo Update

December 18, 2004

Brain Cells

Kurmit is on the lookout for gay people , after the gay marrige law was passed ... bmxers in rotorua have run roit and married each other , Kurmit is strongly against this movement and has gone renagade........

Videos and junk.

Heres a couple of videos from today.

I'll be posting some full on videos with music soon...haha, I just need to make them semi-decent, but heres a couple of quick clips from today.

I'll post more when I'm not so tired:

Me, Table:

Me, Tuck:

Steven, Pedal Pick Crash:

(Right Click and "Save Target As" to download, except for stevens one, just click on it :)

Um, news, I have just got back from Taupo, the riders their Rip, huge tricks and tech galore.

Jed - 360 to Icepick bonk over the spine...

And he also told of werid and wonderful things about his trip to Oz...can someone say 720 tailwhip!

Um yeah, I'm tired and need booze.


Never Alone

Lukes News

Well its been 14 hours since the last update i know your begging for more ... i was reluctant but ryan made me do a bike check ,, its under kurmits news .... and well for news everysones having a good time and my empire order left the states today so im happy.....

Kurmit news

Here kurmits was spotted doing a burnout on grass , he sporting a 1972 Oldsmobile 442 Cutlass , he says " i been around taking bmx pictures and I done a bike bike check with luke"
Lukes bike

This is a Fbm outsider 21 witha euro , looking at it now , it has RNC lites , 36 tooth profile imperial , primo pro pedals red white and black camo , shadow seat , fbm midget stem , uncut slam bars , race forks , harry lever with a straight cable..... the wheels are shitty but lighta s fuck and hold up for him , front one road bike 4 ounce 9mm steel axle hub , laced to racing single walled rim weighing in the wheel at 1.8lbs more or less ,,the back wheel i been thru 4 of the same hubs its shimano racing cassette , with doulble butted spokes allow nipples and a rim weigh like 2.3 lbs , ud think these wheel would break but they sweet ... well thats about it , without going into brake pad deatil

December 16, 2004

Out of hand

News Update - Puinui PArt 2

Well on the way back from paunui , Gilly spotted this herd of cows and just coulndt resist , so we pulled over a busted out our inflatatible quarter ramp and gilly procceded to fufanu some cattle we couldnt stay long due to some muppet droppings on top of the water tank making our eyes water (errrrr Kurmit) , well untill next time its 3 oclock in the morning....



News Update

you just for yous , curmit is very popular .... (hahahha listening to a song that was on a jordan capri porno !!!) ... back to it , we always take curmit on road trips with us , here he is representing zombie-flesh-eaters at puanui , this road trip was to puanui ... - here louis with a wall tap while rocking out to a small hampster singing Death Metal ... yeh brah....


News Update

Kurmit the frog was spotted leaving his mansion in a 1978 pontiac firebird on saturday, althought it ended up with him getting real freaky .. there was a tree in front of the driveway that i was riding , and even Dave made an appearance , shit hes doin a tyre grab maneul over the bonit of the trans am.....

....And in all the confusion (whatever) a friggen alein truned up with a evil spew blaster and evil tentacles , speaking japanesse ... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gimmay your cats...., then he killed all of us and now its time for him TO KILL YOU........

Yous are scum

hey , this is cool , kinda ....


news huh , u want but aint gunna get , this is the 3rd post in the same day meeeeen

well i got banned from forums , cool .... NOT , burn in hell i mean sure support nz bmx , but dont support them ,

and kids . nic says (you listen) "dont do drugs kids, and if u do, hook me up"


He is gay something like "team rider nic is 38% through san andreas and killing cops and smoking bud as we speak , well nic is ****ed , (yeha it bummed my swear word ..SICK) , he hurt his foot , over vic box , get well soon we love you!!!! , and im ****ed with some cracked and brusied ribs , so we both on the computer all day

iwant to post a pic of a 1969 pontaic firebird , but dont know how so ,,,,, END


Pictures and stuff

I Told you this would be updated alot.

I hope these work:

Me, Table over the Rotorua Hip.

Jared, Clicked Turndown over the roll.

Luke, Bars Turned **Check** Knees Together **Check** Clicked Table!

And heres a quick Bike Check from me:

Frame: Specilized Vegas TRX '03 20.5"
Fork: Odyssey Race Forks
Stem: Odyssey Chock Fulla Nuts (Elementary coming this week)
Gyro: No way
Headset: Aheadset Dozer
Bars: Solid Hella Light Bars
Grips: Odi Longnecks
Bar Ends: Odi
Lever: Odyssey Modulever
Cable: Odyssey Linear Slic Kable
Seat: Primo Balance
Seatpost: Specilized with a haro inside.
Seat Clamp: Specilized
Sprocket: Tree 28t Chain:
Some KMC chain with an Alliance Half Link
Chain Tensioners: Specilized
Spindle: Specilized
Crank Arms: Specilized Forged
Pedals: Pr1mo Super Tenderizers - Blue Brakes: Odyssey Modulever Brake Pads: Odyssey 2x4
Front Tyre: PrimoPro Taj Tire
Back Tyre; Odyssey Path
Rear Wheel: Odyssey Haazard lite laced to an odyssey cassete hub with Swiss DT spokes
Rear Driver: Odyssey single piece 10t driver
Front Wheel: Some 3/8 wheel I got for $10

Weight: 28.66lbs/13kg

I Asked luke to write out his parts but he replyed saying "Fuck that", hes an angry young man.

Check out my bad taste in music! :

Thats me, Luke is also going to be posting crap here for you to read.


Welcome I guess?

Howdey, Untill I figure out how to get this on the real website you find all prophecyBMX news here.

Just a quick update on what we now can get ahold of:

Tree Bicycle Co. -
Solid Bikes -
RNC Mfg. -
King Bike Co. -
Dead Memory Clothing -
ManMade Clothing -

Tree and RNC orders should be arrive any week/day now, and a Dead Memory order will be made soon.

Around X*Air time I will be getting a King Frame, which should be rockin'

Ummm, news! Nic has left prophecyBMX to keep up to date with uni, drink more beer, please the women and most imporantly Ride more, which is going to be pretty hard as he screwed his foot tailwhipping over the Vic Park box...but he'll be back soon enough.

To take Nic's place is little smartass Luke, who can be found at Vic park and doing slick inverts...if he wasn't currently out with cracked ribs! Just in time for New Years.

The Rotorua riders are going to be heading to Whangamata over the New Years break to ride and find true love! or a shag on the beach..whatever comes first, but either way some Burbon will be drunk.

Thats about all the news I can think of off the top of my head, this will be updated an awful lot as I am bored an awful lot recently.

Look out for pictures and maybe even some videos...if I figure out how to post them.

If you're after anything product wise give me or luke a E-mail at:

Welp, thats me.