December 16, 2004

Welcome I guess?

Howdey, Untill I figure out how to get this on the real website you find all prophecyBMX news here.

Just a quick update on what we now can get ahold of:

Tree Bicycle Co. -
Solid Bikes -
RNC Mfg. -
King Bike Co. -
Dead Memory Clothing -
ManMade Clothing -

Tree and RNC orders should be arrive any week/day now, and a Dead Memory order will be made soon.

Around X*Air time I will be getting a King Frame, which should be rockin'

Ummm, news! Nic has left prophecyBMX to keep up to date with uni, drink more beer, please the women and most imporantly Ride more, which is going to be pretty hard as he screwed his foot tailwhipping over the Vic Park box...but he'll be back soon enough.

To take Nic's place is little smartass Luke, who can be found at Vic park and doing slick inverts...if he wasn't currently out with cracked ribs! Just in time for New Years.

The Rotorua riders are going to be heading to Whangamata over the New Years break to ride and find true love! or a shag on the beach..whatever comes first, but either way some Burbon will be drunk.

Thats about all the news I can think of off the top of my head, this will be updated an awful lot as I am bored an awful lot recently.

Look out for pictures and maybe even some videos...if I figure out how to post them.

If you're after anything product wise give me or luke a E-mail at:

Welp, thats me.



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