August 31, 2013

Quiet winter

So this is my first post since Easter!!! Been lazy with the camera but riding a shit load.  Just posting a few photos, some of which you might have seen on face book already.
Phil cranking a lookback as it got dark at Waikanae last weekend
This one is old but It was taken after the last update.  Me shooting the B's at the local.

We had some street stuff setup at the old Mainfreight depot for a bit this winter.  Chris Forsman with a tuck after dark.

This ones pretty much here for Stephen Geddes.  My cat Yayo, ballin.
Nate from Waikanae with a dialled superman.  This guy shreds Waikanae bowl better than anyone (sorry phil).

April 03, 2013

Easter Weekend Raglan

Just a couple of photos because as usual I rode all day then got the camera out 3 minutes before we left.  These are from Friday in Raglan with a few of the boys from Aucks, Hams and Rotorua.
Kyle "two can" Taylor getting super sideways

Table by Steven "three can" Carpendale

Scott getting a lookback done


March 05, 2013

Roasting It in Queenstown

I just came back from a week in Queenstown for Red Bull Roast It.  It was such an epic week, drinking every night, riding every day, talking smack, bonfires on the beach (turns out thats illegal), Casino, hangovers etc.  There were a few American pro's, Kye Forte came over from England and a large amount of Aussie riders here.  Finals were amazing and Hucker is one of the most entertaining people to watch ride.  Jackie Liu wouldnt know though because he went to ride Arrowtown skatepark while the finals were on.  I didnt get many photos as per usual but here are a few from the times I did get the camera out. 

Jon Riddle has amazing style and a huge bag of tricks

Joe flowing through with heaps of style

This is where where we drank most nights down by the lake

My favourite riding photo from the trip.  Joe Simpson doing a kick-out on one of the hips
The most amazing place I have ever ridden my bicycle

8 foot Nate boosting the booter
Ive also got a heap of photos from the contest that I will upload at some stage.

February 21, 2013

Mid-week Otaki roadie

The Palmy crew has been all about the road trips lately, been doing a couple per week before daylight savings ends in a month or so.  We went to Otaki last night and I rode until dusk then finally got the camera out and got this photo of Michael Bell blasting the back quater.

I have just got a whole lot of new camera gear and this is my first attempt with a remote flash. 
Im off to Queenstown next week for Roast It and plan to get a shit load of pics while im down there.  See you then.

February 07, 2013

Waitangi Wednesday Waikanae Woadtrip!

Over 150 years ago some white boys told some maori's to sign some stuff over to them and it'l be all good, turns out it wasnt and now we have Waitangi day.  Best part is we get a day off and 13 of us (2 vans and 2 utes) decided to head south on a roadie.  As per usual I was useless with the camera and rode all day until right at the end when I hurt my hand.  So I ended up with a couple of alright photos from Otaki on our last stop.
Chunk got closer and closer to these all day even getting to the pedals sometimes.  Super controlled and dialled, wont be long till they are on lock.
Apparently party Phil can boost and table, who knew...
Squeek at Pukerua Bay
Brad - Wall ride out of a very tight tranny at Pukerua Bay
Brayden - Heel vader on our 2nd stop at Waikanae for the day
Kane - Nac at his park

Kane boosting the back quater

And last of all Chunk doing a big dirty grizz
So im still useless at getting the camera out and not learning how to use it as fast as I could but getting some solid riding time in and slowly getting clips together for another Palmy edit!

January 08, 2013

Mostly loose times

I just got home from a 16 day road trip which unfortunately didnt involve too much riding. Rode twice in the whole time I was away and even then I was slack at taking photos. Most of these are just of us getting loose but this friday I am going back to Rotorua and will get some decent riding pics...and probly more drinking ones.
Sam - 1 foot inverty thing

Sam - 1 footed x-up in the big section of the mini at Park Road

Sam - Tyre grab fakie air that Simon approves of.

Then we just got shit faced...

Then we rode Dialled indoor and Gareth hit his head in the foam.

Then we got loose again, white boy pukana's!

Not sure whats going on here.
 So that was a shitty update of my New years, not riding, road trip but next update will be stacked with riding shots.