January 27, 2006

Rotorua Trails Jam

Since I forgot to add this into the last post and I figure what the heck not push the X*Air update down, here you go.

For anymore info ring that number or E-mail me on nope@hotmail.com


January 24, 2006

"If I was a girl I'd so kiss him"

X*Air, 2006, take it away Nate Dogg.

Well, Thursday last week we started out trek to X*Air with:


Ryan & Greig

The trip was mighty fun as you would expect from a 6 hour trip, our first stop was in Levin for a riiide, a bunch of skaters were there and they ripped shit up.

Then we carried on to Wellington.

I think we arrived around 6ish, drove around for ages looking for Nomads, we finnaly figured our shit out, dropped our stuff off and walked to the Mill.

The Party zone...pfffff.

Cody and his Fridge.

This is where the nights turns, well a bit blury.

From our backpackers we made out way to the Boatshed, which blew me away and as lame as it is to say, there were alot of pros around, its kind of amazing to see the guys you see on TV and in magazines walking around you drunk as fuck among other things.

Boatshed was super fun, I dont think I really need to say anything about it because everyone knows how fun the X*Air bar always is.

Friday! Was a pretty lax day, caught up with the AK riders and the wellington dudes, checked out the city, Te Papa and where eveything was.

Friday night, started to get drunk at the Quest, then made our way back to Nomads and started drinking away our tiredness, on our walk to the Boatshed we stumbled across a big group of riders, rowdy riders who were singing Carl(I think/hope!) a happy birthday, then over to the boatshed, which was pretty much a repeat of Thursday night, just with more people!
I also was walking through past the bar where this one girl asked if I was ryan from myspace...fuck yeah!

Boatshed scene on Friday night.

Getting it done...number two came next.

The all famous Shylo.

Saturday, X*Air pre-lim day. Everyone was pretty hungedover, but thats what X*Air's all about isn't it?

Hugh from Wellington, big no hander.

Jed, Tailwhip.

Kelly, Tabletopper.

Jeff, Big Three.

Paul Langlans, Superman seatgrab.

Dirt is more a less the only place where I could get decent pictures taken as everywhere else my camera sucks for as it, well, licks penis.

After Dirt was Park, which was real good, I wish that I had pictures to prove it.
Alot of good stuff from the Locals went down, Jed Landed a flipwhip, George, Louis, Mark, Matt D, Jeff, Mark...hell, they all rode well.

The pro's ripped shit up aswell, Gary Young pedals far too much, Ryan Guetler is a machine...alot of good stuff went down.

Saturday night!

There was a BMX party on a roof, alot of pros turned up, which was pretty crazy, free Beer and good times!

After the free beer dried up a few people left then a few hours after that everyone was at the Boatshed...and I mean everybody.

Louis was pimpin'

As was Natedogg !!

I didn't hang around the Boatshed for very long but still managed to stay up untill 530am doing fuck all....shit sucked.

Sundaaay, Finals day.

Dirt was post poned untill later in the day because of the wind, Jeff managed toe at shit twice trying to jump through.

So it was to Vert, I hadnt been to vert so far at X*Air and it completly blew me away....so much free red Bull!

har har.

Alot of good tricks were going down, 900's, double whips, whip 540s, Dwyane has got flairs dialed.

Heres a burry pic.

Unknown rider blasting.

Tim Wood Won Vert and for good reason.

Next up was park, which I dont have pics from, but I'm sure a bunch will surface soon enough.

I cannot really be bothered writing out the big tricks, but heres a couple untill video and shit surfaces.

Ryan Geutler (whos name I cant spell) won Park & Dirt, he landed a front flip transfer, which was probably the most 'out there' trick of his run.

Colin Mackay did hopped up a ledge and 180 tailwhipped to this little kicker about 4ft away, which was just plain stupid.

Pete Ravdio tailwhipped everything, did a Tailwhip drop in, then a 180 barspin to 180 tailwhip out on the spine...stupid shit.

Brian Kachinsky did a downside icepick still on a rail 6ft out of a 8ft quarter.

Harrington did a fufanu on the top of the wallride which is about 12ft above a 6ft quarter, also tried barspin to fuf but couldn't get off it.

I guess I'll add to it when I can be bothered.

Ryan Geutler won park and I'm pretty sure that Gary young would have gotten second, but im not sure on that one.

Now it was back over to Dirt, which was on...I missed alot of it as I was talking to Dao Ravideo who had popped over for the day.
But I didn't miss jeff's 720 attempt, which went a bit pear shaped when he over-rotated it and had to walk off with a scuba mask on. Good shit!

Grosser, x-up seat grab superman indian....what a mouthfull.

MacKay, Super clicked x-up one footer.

Luke Parslow, Tailwhipp.

Nastzio likes the shady ladies.

Ryan Guettler ending up winning Dirt aswell.

Hes also riding for Dave Mirras new company MirraCo. who are looking to pick up some pretty heavy hitters in the industry...and not the competition riders you'd expect Mirra to pick up.

I dont know the full results as I had to come back to Rotorua on Sunday night...$30 gas all the way from wellington to Rotorua? no problems!



Not the only kind of riding that went down on this bed


Cheeeers boys.

Thanks to everyone who turned up, rode, bought me a drink, took me there...X*Air was fucking awesome, the best yet....its a pity that the next big thing is next year, but I'll be ready....maybe my hungover will be gone by then.

All the pictures plus the videos from the trip are up in here:

If codys still been bothered I think he was writing up his version of X*Air aswell, so keep an eye on this site.

Oh and if you took some pictures at X*Air and arn't going to be doing anything with them then feel free to send them my way! my e-mail address is: nope@hotmail.com

Check out Ichi's (sorry if I spelt the name wrong) blog, which has quite a few pictures, its all in Japenesse, but its still rad: href="http://blog.livedoor.jp/gmc0330/
If you want, this page translates it: http://world.altavista.com/ but not properly I suspect.

Also, check out formbmx.com its some sweet dudes from down south who are trying to get a NZ bmx magazine going...check it!

Rotorua definatly was there.


January 16, 2006

UTBNB...for real this time

Why hello there, and welcome to another scum filled update.

Lets take it back in time, to a Friday of last where a young cody and slightly older ryan started their trek to Auckland in a fab ute which is seen pictured below.

Yeeeeah, so driving in traffic can get to you.

Thrid person writing is a bit tough, and confusing...so we'll take it back again now.

On the way up to akl we had a quick stop at Ngrawahia, which is always fun.

Once in Auckland and with Georges directions we got to Papakura park, which looks alot different to the pictures, and I found to be pretty fun, some stuff maybe could be a bit bigger, but its a fun park with lots of manual lines and pussy drops for me to get extreme on...hah!

From papakura we headed up to the Motorway, on the way we spotted one super hot emo girl, Auckland is awesome.

Arrived at vic around 7ish for a ride/shit talk, afterwards headed to New World for a quick purchase, well on Lukes behalf anyway:

Cellphone quality picture, Luke Quality hotness.

Then we headed back to Lukes to watch the Shadow video and a shawdows fall dvd, dreads like damn!

Saturday, got up around 12ish and Luke received about 10 million phones calls, we ended up going to Vic for a ride then carried onto a Mini (which I have forgotten the name of)
The crew basicly consisted of these peps:

Plus Kurt and his friend who I never got his name.

Tim Hales, seat grab one foooooooter.

I suck at taking photos so thats basicly the only semi good one, some good stuff went down, Mark getting his shit ready for X*Air and everyone else going off as we all know they do.

From the mini we headed to Glen Dowie, where I havent been for about a year and a half, a pretty fun ride went down.

Geroge, 360 over the bin.

I took a couple pictures on Marks camera (as his one actully works) and sometime in the hopefully near Future we'll see the pictures on here!

After an hour or so ride there we headed back into town, checked out Vic and scammed Queen street for hotties, and yes their was quite a number of attractive females.

Around 8ish a bunch of us met up at Viccies to down some booze and talk some shit, I could talk about Louis & girl jeans...but there may be some people under 18 years old that read this blog so I won't.

We headed over to the Birdcage around 9ish and a bunch of people were already there having a jolly good time.

From this point the night gets a bit hazy, other than Paul Moffats video being super super good, the video had a real fun feel to it...and word on the street is that hes going to be making another one soon, so harass him well you can for a copy of the video, it'll be worth it.

As most people have probably heard by now there was a small confrintation between 2 quite well known riders, in my opinion it was pathetic and completly un-nessercry, thats all I'm going to say as I dont want to drag down a good night.

Pictures? yes, that was my flash going off every now and then, cheers to Manconi for seeing it.

The bar, Notice a Tim Hales in a blue beanie...this was when Tim was actully inside the bar.

The Garden bar where the video went down.

Notice the headless dude in the picture? really? neither did I.

Louis getting his play down...CHEAT!

There was also an indian 21st party going down...a couple messages got dropped by some bmxers on their message board thinger...they'll be stoked I'm sure.
Cody + Luke, smoother than MJ

The back of the man that made the night Happen, cheers paul. U.T.B.N.B ! ! !

Man...Manconi, he doesn't like you.

Check Brendan Jones in the background, he was having a good night and is far too cool for myspace or tight jeans...aye Haimona!

Thanks once again goes out to Paul Moffat for making a super good video, the birdcage bar for putting up with us, zombie-flesh-eaters for spreading the word and everyone for turning up and having a good time.

And to think it was just a warm up to X*Air.

Speaking of which, X*Air is next weekend! The 2 people from Rotorua who are going to it are heading down on Thursday, $30 spending money = $7.50 a day, I'm gonna be living on toast and beam.

err, yes.

On Sunday a quickish ride went down at vic, we may be appearing in a hip-hop video...oh yeah?

Luke has a couple pictures on his camera so hopefully they will be added to this blog soon.

See you at X*Air.


January 11, 2006

AUstRaLiaN tRip

YO YO YO hello everybody just got back from briZZy auStrAliA had a good time got A AMAZING 2 pic's orr well here they are

tuck no hander over a bank and sorry luke its not quite tucked.

well would you look at that i learnt table am i in the crew now rota ???

thats all from me im off down to welliongton with the family then off to X Air so see u all down there have fun this sat night and safe driving........ PEACE

January 10, 2006



Image hosted by Photobucket.com

As requested by the always sexy Caleb here is the video I talked about in the last update, the video is nothing great, flimed with a point & shoot digi cam and thrown together without music or effects, or anything for that matter...as I'm lazy.

Right Click and "Save Target As" to download
Black bike + Girl jeans = Simon, Baby Blue bike = Cody, Bronze/Brown bike = me(ryan)

As my computer fucked out a little while ago I lost everything I had, pictures and all so quite alot of footage that was going to be up on here wasn't, but heres a couple that resurfaced from a street ride last year sometime.

Steven, Wallride? Manual? at the Church wallride.

Simon, wallride at the exact same place!

Simon, Manual on a skinny ledge at a school full of boobies!

These pictures came from yesterdays ride, theres not many, but its something to keep you bored.

Simon, wishing his bars were Lukes bum.

Jared from Gisborne, turning it down, Jared & Tyson are currently here from Gisborne, I think a couple more were down aswell. **Awaits angry myspace comments**

Simon doing alot less...or more than you think, 180 attempt.

Simon, getting the 180 done.

I think that about sum's it up.

Check out peg-leg.net and buy some shit.