December 28, 2005


Well George, Louis, Mark and i Adam headed to Mark and Arrons trails where there was a new rool in speed jump, drop off thinng what ever u want to call it (i was scared of it )

So here is just a few pic that i took

Mike geting it invert

George tobogon

Mike 1 foot X

Leuis loockback

George tyre grab

George 1 handed table

sorry but this is my 1st update i will get there i just worked out how to make the pics bigger ^^.
we then headed off to devo 4 a quick cool down ride where some CUNT skater said we cant ride here WTF he said we will run the little kids over and will keep geting in his was way so we just ride some mini. Mark has decided that he will try enter in vert in X Air good 4 him hope he dose well I only got one photo there of mark doing a table / semi invert. well im off to Australia so see u guys at X air Peace

December 27, 2005

Boxing Day tripizzle

Well well well, yesterday around 10am, after a steamy MSN conversation it was decided that we would head to Napier for the day, Napier being 2 and a half hours away.

We ended up leaving about 11ish with Simon, Cody, Steven and I loaded up on red bull and ready to..well, be bored for the next 2 hours or so.

We stopped at Marks house in Taupo and it was decided that he was going to tag along, so we squashed him into the ute and carried on our merry way.

We arrived in Napier around 1ish, and went straight to the park on Marine parade...which really, well it wasn't good, but it wasn't bad, if it was layed out better it could be a whole lot better...but it wasnt and as I'm brakeless right now it wasn't exactly fun jumping something then more a less having to stop and turn around again.
Oh and by the way, never talk shit on foam pits till you've tried one...they're super fun.

Mark, Air on the most fucked up quarter around.

Simon, Tuck no hander on the box with no, well, a wee bit of tranny.

Quite a few Napier locals were there, including this guy, who reminded me alot of Tommo and Hoani who used to ride in Rotorua, well, Tommo still rides...I think and Hoani is in jail somewhere.

Unfocused backflip on the spine, he actully cased backwheel but still managed to ride out alrite.


Oh yeeeah, apparently hes in X*Air vert aswell, this vert ramp is crazy big, but theres a vert quarter on the other side of the park that is even bigger that he somehow managed to tailwhip but just stuffed up his landing and rode into the side of the foam pit.

After almost dieing from heat stroke we headed up the coast a bit to Havelock north, which probably wasn't worth the trip, its an old school bowl which I imagine would be super fun if you were in the mood for hauling ass at a single hip.

We headed back to Napier to ride these little quarter things in town which were EVERYWHERE.
The street ride turned into about an hour long ride and we only hit up half of the town, probably one of the funnest street rides I've been on.

Mark, Feeeeebling a cobble ledge.

Simon, Wallride on one of the many buildings with walls like these.

Steven, manual wallride? manual wallhit? well whatever you wanna call it.

Simon, wallride.
I'm pretty sure that this is the wall where Ruben somehow tyreslide the top of it...only Ruben.

After riding street we said out goodbyes to Napier and started our trek back to Taupo.
On the way back we stopped at a waterfall . . .

Then Simon busted out the camera again to take this shot:

awww, how puuuurdy.

We arrived in Taupo around 9ish for a 30min or so ride.

Mark, Table over le hip.

Simon, turndown over the hip...he definatly has no Fear of the dark

Mark, Icepick griiind

Steven, we all know what this one is.

Mark doesn't like you.

All in all it was a fun trip, and it made us decide upon not going the Napier way to X*Air...which is only 20 or so days away.

errrmmmm, I don't think theres anything else to add.

Have a happy drunk new years...I know we all will be, Ohope will never be the same again.

December 22, 2005

Do a fuckn prophecy update

This is what I was greeted with last night, well actully, I'm lieing it went something like this:

Luke: ry-dog
Luke: I'd like to take this time to give you a big

Can't anyone tell why we all love him so?

Anyway, I've been to Auckland twice in the past month or so, but havent taken any pictures or anything, so you're just going to have to be bored with pictures from Rotroua.

Simon, Turndown over the wedge thinger.

Ohh yeah, Simon's new frame finnaly arrived, and not within one day of having it he order's another assload of stuff...his bike is going to be shithot come X*Air....not metion his trickery.

The local hucker Ash has been riding quite a bit latley, botched superman photo over the rolly.

Ash, Manual on thy ledge.

Oooh yeah, theres also a couple of videos I found uploaded on an old server plus a couple of new ones. . . now if I can remember the linking html bullocks.

The following videos are shitty 1-5 second clips of Rotorua riders probably casing or landing flat...check it.

Right Click then 'Save Target As' on the link below.

Ash, Hop Manual, sketch out!

Simon, Bigish 180 At City Focus

Simon, Lookback

Steven, 270 Table

I'm more a less posting this because I need to download it again, prophecyBMX + snoop = heaven

This update is really small, so I'm going to bullshit you now.

Rotoruas show winning Demio, which also happen's to be Simons car recently had some wheels added:

Rollin' On 13s!

Rotoruas newest find, Brenner, $9 for a dozen, smells looks and tastes like shit, Double brown for...well, excited people.

Thats it

December 14, 2005

...Miss and match...

Dudes well this is the pictures that most of you have not seen before and havent made it to this site for whatever reason ... note: prestiuge is the key.

Nathan form upper hutt , shredding a invert...

Its nathans 19th birthday tommorow .. what a old cunt !! .. happy birthday man ... CHE ... be sure to be cranking the ManOwar!

Theres three 3 . pics on the sequence so scroll across ------->
Theres 3 three pics on this sequence , so scroll across ----> ---->

ANd i made this out of off shots and made it into a cool sequence .. luke turndown.

Well this is the only 3 pictures i could find at the moment ,, so enjoy.


December 05, 2005

....has a Massive dick

Whoa whoa...This weekend turned into alot more than I thought it would be.

So I headed up to Akl with Steven on thursday for the Motorhead concert which was on that night, the concert was super good, Lemmy didn't let me down, and Luke enjoyed it so much that he talked about going to the Cold By Winter/Kitch/Scarlit Streetwise/Tomorrow Comes Silent gig that was on the following Friday night.

We woke up on thursday, with buzing ears still (Note, this was my first show/concert/gig ever) and mucked around for a bit, had a wee ride at Vic and more a less chilled all day.

Around 4ish george, louis & adam showed up at Vic and it was decided that:



luke and Steven

And I would head off to get intoxicated at the park around the corner from Lukes house then walk down to the show...after about 2 drinks each, some people were drunk...others wern't.
Adam managed to pick up a mean box on the way down, George thrashed the box aswell, Adam even showed it off to McDs...awesome.

The show was pretty rad, met a few peps, saw everyone get loose and even Haimona, Mike D and tripe6 Mike made an appearence to nod heads at the back of the room well Luke steven george ran rampant up front, Adam took the early taxi home and we all walked across the Motorway home.

Next day woke up at Lukes, most with sore necks and headed down to vic to meet up with a couple of peps, Paul was down there to grab some last bits of footy for an edit which should be out sometime next year and everyone seemed to have a pretty mellow ride.

Pommy Mark was rippin', Invert at Vic. (Photo: Luke)

Mark(eWok) learnt how to turn down apparently.

Oh yeah, there was an EXTREME scooter rider there, who was bustin' so much stuff.

I think Mike sum's it up the best by saying "I don't know weather to laugh or cry...but I think I'm gonna laugh" (Photo: Adam)

From here we headed out to the trails which were featured in an update a wee while ago, the trail dudes have been digging and just keep on making new stuff, there was a new hip, new 6 pack, bigger step up and another line new from when I was there last.

Mike, yes he got that shit flat, yes I cannot take pictures.

Mark, Three six tee good and proper.

We headed to Wendy's then back to George & Louis' house for the night, which ended up being pretty mellow, which is always good, Louis, adam, steven, jess & I popped around to Marks for a couple of drinks, in the end it was just Louis & I there...but it was a jolly good time of course.

Thanks Mark!

errrr, and Bill for getting in the way.

On sunday we woke up headed to the bakery where Adam once again entertained us know what I'm talking about.

We headed to Devo for a quick-ish ride..theres a couple pictures from here...but I'll pester Luke into doing an update and he can use them.

We then headed out to the trails, where a wee 'jam' had been 'organised' about 20 people turned up, drunk Bavarrrrrra(Fred says roll the R), rode bicycles and harassed Luke jeans.

Mike, styling through.

Liam, getting Xtreme.

BBQ anyone?

After the trails we stopped in an Lukes for the night then headed home to Rotorua on Monday, which just so happen's to be today, oh yeah, Luke is here for a few days...fuck knows why he came to this shithole.

Rumor Mill
This is a new section which I am bringing in this update, it may be the first, it may also be the last but either way, read on.

Louis Bolter has swapped his bike for a skateboard:

The kid in question.

Louis Bolter, the BMXer? can't be.

Juding by that smile we may have seen the last of Louis in BMX.

Geroge was spotted in this shot at a...errr...what looks to be a Mudvayne concert? the boy finnaly got some taste in music.

Now this final bit of news which has been submitted to me I find very hard to belive, Luke Manson has apparently started listening to, and liking a band other than Slayer . . .don't quote me on this, its just what I've heard.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Since I have random photos floating around I'm gonna bung them on here:

This update was boring as I am bored writing it, hah.

I'll leave you with a pictures of Luke taking care of his second life...myspizzzzle!