December 27, 2005

Boxing Day tripizzle

Well well well, yesterday around 10am, after a steamy MSN conversation it was decided that we would head to Napier for the day, Napier being 2 and a half hours away.

We ended up leaving about 11ish with Simon, Cody, Steven and I loaded up on red bull and ready to..well, be bored for the next 2 hours or so.

We stopped at Marks house in Taupo and it was decided that he was going to tag along, so we squashed him into the ute and carried on our merry way.

We arrived in Napier around 1ish, and went straight to the park on Marine parade...which really, well it wasn't good, but it wasn't bad, if it was layed out better it could be a whole lot better...but it wasnt and as I'm brakeless right now it wasn't exactly fun jumping something then more a less having to stop and turn around again.
Oh and by the way, never talk shit on foam pits till you've tried one...they're super fun.

Mark, Air on the most fucked up quarter around.

Simon, Tuck no hander on the box with no, well, a wee bit of tranny.

Quite a few Napier locals were there, including this guy, who reminded me alot of Tommo and Hoani who used to ride in Rotorua, well, Tommo still rides...I think and Hoani is in jail somewhere.

Unfocused backflip on the spine, he actully cased backwheel but still managed to ride out alrite.


Oh yeeeah, apparently hes in X*Air vert aswell, this vert ramp is crazy big, but theres a vert quarter on the other side of the park that is even bigger that he somehow managed to tailwhip but just stuffed up his landing and rode into the side of the foam pit.

After almost dieing from heat stroke we headed up the coast a bit to Havelock north, which probably wasn't worth the trip, its an old school bowl which I imagine would be super fun if you were in the mood for hauling ass at a single hip.

We headed back to Napier to ride these little quarter things in town which were EVERYWHERE.
The street ride turned into about an hour long ride and we only hit up half of the town, probably one of the funnest street rides I've been on.

Mark, Feeeeebling a cobble ledge.

Simon, Wallride on one of the many buildings with walls like these.

Steven, manual wallride? manual wallhit? well whatever you wanna call it.

Simon, wallride.
I'm pretty sure that this is the wall where Ruben somehow tyreslide the top of it...only Ruben.

After riding street we said out goodbyes to Napier and started our trek back to Taupo.
On the way back we stopped at a waterfall . . .

Then Simon busted out the camera again to take this shot:

awww, how puuuurdy.

We arrived in Taupo around 9ish for a 30min or so ride.

Mark, Table over le hip.

Simon, turndown over the hip...he definatly has no Fear of the dark

Mark, Icepick griiind

Steven, we all know what this one is.

Mark doesn't like you.

All in all it was a fun trip, and it made us decide upon not going the Napier way to X*Air...which is only 20 or so days away.

errrmmmm, I don't think theres anything else to add.

Have a happy drunk new years...I know we all will be, Ohope will never be the same again.

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