April 17, 2010

Road cone madness!!!!

just to keep this blog a tickin' over here's a couple photos of dorks jumping over a cone and a little kid getting wild!!!!


when one dork knocks the cone over another dork knock's it back up

little dork getting in on the action, or above it I should say

another dork going backwwards over it

the same dork going around it instead of over it...dork

little dude getting WILD!!!


April 15, 2010

phillps gay

with my dad

easter bunny pole bunnies

heres some pictures that phillip or cody or jared took on their trip to wellington in easter weekend.

not really sure who they are or what because no one would tell me anything.

do i sound like a little bitch or what.

here they are, i will guess what was happening.

no doubt giving cody shit about something

no doubt regretting taking shoes off

driving on the motorway

bumpin' lines and bums

from a lacerated sky . . .

getting ready to wobble

wob wob wob wob

dunno if everyone can view this, but trust me, its worth it:

cody getting wild on the ground

then they came home.

hopefully i'll be going down to wellington with everyone for Datsik so will hopefully have a few more photos in a couple weeks of the same places from different angles. raddd

heres a couple sweet shots of rotorua park by cody and some by me

and heres my cat

yr buddy

p.s phil's gay with my dad