January 08, 2013

Mostly loose times

I just got home from a 16 day road trip which unfortunately didnt involve too much riding. Rode twice in the whole time I was away and even then I was slack at taking photos. Most of these are just of us getting loose but this friday I am going back to Rotorua and will get some decent riding pics...and probly more drinking ones.
Sam - 1 foot inverty thing

Sam - 1 footed x-up in the big section of the mini at Park Road

Sam - Tyre grab fakie air that Simon approves of.

Then we just got shit faced...

Then we rode Dialled indoor and Gareth hit his head in the foam.

Then we got loose again, white boy pukana's!

Not sure whats going on here.
 So that was a shitty update of my New years, not riding, road trip but next update will be stacked with riding shots.