December 03, 2009

Main Street papamoa man spa

past weekend went down to taupo for main street jam, Mr. McRae was taking care of photos there so I decided to sit back and watch George bring home the bacon.

pretty wild night out on friday night, Cody droppin' dollars at the bar, 20 drink rounds? passing out and then arising to jumping all over cars, being stoked as fuck on Cooper, cody rules it.

theres a real sweet edit up on zombie which sum's up the comp, check that out.

heres a couple pictures from the park..

the man himself

jared laying it down.

so i wasn't really in much of a picture taking mood, or a doing anything mood on this day.

t'was decided to head over to Sam's beach house in papamoa (you will remember the update from here awhile ago, crusing in merc's to get porn & dobros)

alan and bevan tagged along aswell for good times.

man tub and wi sessions were down.

then we all headed over to tauranga to get wild in the club, 9 people packed in to a car with 3 seat belts and we got through a police check-point all good. LOVE THE POLICE.

biggest story from the night was simon picking up some switz girl at the bar, bringing her back to the house and then proceeding to talk to her untill 6am and then decline an offer of going back to her place. and yes i feel as so this is something you need to know. hahahahha simon rules.

next day after a little swim and sweet bakery food headed up to summer hill trails that carl and crew from tauranga have been putting a tonne of work in to, and he reckons theres still alot of work to go, looking and riding real good so far!

bevan rides MTB now. rilla

cody photo. carl whip and bevan riding naturally.

jared getting his 3's dialed


Carl and Allan sent the big line after a bit, and shit does alan send it or what, must be all those baby fetus's that he chomps on

Alan sending the 2nd jump.

Cheers for the ride doubt be over again sometime soon to put in some shovel work.

misc. holiday photo from gold coast.

see that sweet transition to the past and then to these pictures from taupo a few weeks back? nice eh.

cody footjam whip




oh, exciting news for the day is that theres a Yogi Bear movie being filmed just out of Rotorua. awesome!!

November 19, 2009

dirt boobs and beers

sounds like a pretty good day to me.
not so sure about the next day. but that day sounds rad.

last saturday langlands had a wee jam at his dirt jumps. not many people made it through because of a wild side wind. but was good times all round anyway.

heres a couple of pictures from the day/night.

local dude that killed it

killin it

Langlans is wild...

Langlans whipped every jump in a row. so silly

Picture doesn't really do it of the best dudes in bmx right now

Piggy/slapper of every girls ass in the club/grain silo finder/throwerupper of KFC.

Langlands and jed flipped it out. jed ate it and paul sent it. radness ensued.

Simon sent it and then . . .

photo somewhat sum's up the day. swappas, bmx, sly steven and girls.



not stalker at all . . .

in a yellow van on the way to lamingtons?? i was confused/still am

sober as

kinda rued?

you're sick of these photos right? ha. rad. if you're not, go to my photobucket for more:

stay rad!!