April 25, 2005


To continue with the current trend of posting old pictures heres a couple of X*Air from earlier this year.

Cory Bohan, Tailwhip

Tim Casey, 360, Not in a drunken state

Bohan 2
Cory Bohan, 360 1 handed table...yeah yeah I posted the wrong picture

Mr Miron, Wallride to Turndown in the dimly lit X*Air Arena

Ali's One Lucky Man
Gary Young is totally checking out Whitton's crotch.

Maybe one of us will actully post something decent one day...maybe.

April 23, 2005

Pictures not Ice Cream .... Pictures ...

Who wants new pictures when you can have old ones???? Huh , No one just as I thought . 3 pictures .. two eyes , and time to give it up cause i aint black.

Air geogre at putaru bowl ...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yo as they say out East or what ever that Gansta Shit is , Nic car doesnt work and is brain will suffer the same fate ... But not on this tyre grab???
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Dis aint no X-up , G ... doesnt look like a' flip either ... aye Hemi? ... Geogre lookback Whangmata..

Steven worships Jared , its how it goes in Roto-Rua , Roto-Rua is ripe with High Quality Images .. Example -
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Disclaimer - Since im moari there can be no offense taken to me by fellow moari bruthas ,, Ups on the video "crunder-la Tips" ryan...

Un highjacked post , more pictures .. more soon ... more engish
... Sorry I know this is bullshit ...

April 19, 2005

Video !

Hmm, its been awhile, for a few things.

As I wait for my video to upload I'll bore you for a bit.

At present I am awaiting a Tree order, which is bound to please.

I'm also waiting on my empire order, which Includes the new empire DVD, T-1 DVD and Megatour 4...I can't wait.

I turned 18 last week.

Simon, Steven and I took a trip up to auckland a could weeks ago, which for me was pretty lame as I was tired/hungedover on both days, and all we rode was Slic Vic park...woo

Anyway the videos uploaded. Click here to watch 'prophecyBMX_fool'

Watch and breakdance? along to it.