January 19, 2005


Yep, X*Air this weekend.

Everyones going to be meeting up at Upper Hutt park on friday night so I'll expect you to be there too.

So thats Upper Hutt, Friday night.

That is all.

- hungoversticks

January 09, 2005

Happy new year and all that shit...

Actully, this has nothing to do with happy new year.

As I'm bored I figured that I'll post up a couple of pictures and write out all the prices for everything, so here goes nothing:

Tree Bicycle Co.

Tree Sprocket, 24-45t: $85
Front Hub : $170
Low Head Bolt for brake levers: $2
All Shirts : $30
Long Sleeve Shirts : $35
Hoodies : $60

RNC Mfg.

Titanium Regular Sprocket, 33 & 36t : $105
Titanium Lite Sprocket, 24, 25, 28 & 30t: $85
Titanium Bash Guard: $55

3 Peice Crank Set with Ti Spindle : $230
3 Peice Crank Set LITE, Ti Spindle : $250

Titanium Bar Ends : $30
Titanium Seatpost clamps : $35

Titanium Primo Spindle : $75
Titanium RNC Spindle : $75

7075 Alum. Euro BB : $60
6061 Alum. US BB : $45

RNC Stem : $60

Ti 9t Driver : $75

Ti Axel Nuts : $30

Solid Bikes

Solid Killing Machine U.S : $500
Solid Killing Machine Euro "KP Ripper" :$550

Hella Lite Bars : $80

Stem : $85

Death Grip : $12

Headsets : $85

Dead Memory

All Shirts : $30
All Hats : $30

Other products, Hoodies, Pins etc prices can be obtained by E-mailing: ryan@prophecyBMX.co.nz

ManMade Clothing

Once again, all prices can be obtained by E-mailing me.

King Bikes

Blah de blah, E-mail me for prices.

Another bike check on my bike...I'm bored:

Frame: Specilized Vegas TRX '03
Fork: Odyssey Race
Stem: Odyssey Elementary
Bars: Solid Hella Lite Bars
Grips: Odi Longnecks/Solid Death Grip
Headset: Aheadset Tank
Seatpost: SNAFU Outpost
Seat: Primo Balance
Cranks: Specilized
Sprocket: Tree 28t
Rear Wheel: Odyssey HAzzard Lite rim laced to an Odyssey Cassette Hub with Swiss DT spokes, also an Odyssey 10t driver. Odyssey Path tyre
Front Wheel: Some 48 spoke, 3/8th wheel I bought for 10 bones. PrimoPro Taj2 tire


Jared, Table, Shed7

Meh, thats enough to bore you with for now.

Check out these sites:

Eat some Zombie flesh
Santa Mosh Bitches!

Yeap, feel free to chat me up on MSN: ryan@prophecyBMX.co.nz

- Harvard sticks