January 09, 2005

Happy new year and all that shit...

Actully, this has nothing to do with happy new year.

As I'm bored I figured that I'll post up a couple of pictures and write out all the prices for everything, so here goes nothing:

Tree Bicycle Co.

Tree Sprocket, 24-45t: $85
Front Hub : $170
Low Head Bolt for brake levers: $2
All Shirts : $30
Long Sleeve Shirts : $35
Hoodies : $60

RNC Mfg.

Titanium Regular Sprocket, 33 & 36t : $105
Titanium Lite Sprocket, 24, 25, 28 & 30t: $85
Titanium Bash Guard: $55

3 Peice Crank Set with Ti Spindle : $230
3 Peice Crank Set LITE, Ti Spindle : $250

Titanium Bar Ends : $30
Titanium Seatpost clamps : $35

Titanium Primo Spindle : $75
Titanium RNC Spindle : $75

7075 Alum. Euro BB : $60
6061 Alum. US BB : $45

RNC Stem : $60

Ti 9t Driver : $75

Ti Axel Nuts : $30

Solid Bikes

Solid Killing Machine U.S : $500
Solid Killing Machine Euro "KP Ripper" :$550

Hella Lite Bars : $80

Stem : $85

Death Grip : $12

Headsets : $85

Dead Memory

All Shirts : $30
All Hats : $30

Other products, Hoodies, Pins etc prices can be obtained by E-mailing: ryan@prophecyBMX.co.nz

ManMade Clothing

Once again, all prices can be obtained by E-mailing me.

King Bikes

Blah de blah, E-mail me for prices.

Another bike check on my bike...I'm bored:

Frame: Specilized Vegas TRX '03
Fork: Odyssey Race
Stem: Odyssey Elementary
Bars: Solid Hella Lite Bars
Grips: Odi Longnecks/Solid Death Grip
Headset: Aheadset Tank
Seatpost: SNAFU Outpost
Seat: Primo Balance
Cranks: Specilized
Sprocket: Tree 28t
Rear Wheel: Odyssey HAzzard Lite rim laced to an Odyssey Cassette Hub with Swiss DT spokes, also an Odyssey 10t driver. Odyssey Path tyre
Front Wheel: Some 48 spoke, 3/8th wheel I bought for 10 bones. PrimoPro Taj2 tire


Jared, Table, Shed7

Meh, thats enough to bore you with for now.

Check out these sites:

Eat some Zombie flesh
Santa Mosh Bitches!

Yeap, feel free to chat me up on MSN: ryan@prophecyBMX.co.nz

- Harvard sticks

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