October 25, 2005

Still D.R.E

Straight outa east devon I bring you da prophecyBMX update for tha 25october, yo.

So me and my gangsta crew of Sexy Simon, C-Dawg, Killa Steven, Headshot Marlowe & R-Unit met at the H.Q for a night of Mai FM and drinking NZ Lager.

Pffftttt, what the fuck am I on about.

Ryan showing has signature technique, Suduce, grasp, end.

Simon is in every drunk pic I have...hes a whore.

Cody...Showing his Counterstrike pose.

Anyhow, next day after a grand 4 hours sleep...thanks Mr headshot! We decided to head to Whangamata to meet up with George, Louis, Fred & Luke, who just so happened to be on their way down from the AKL.

We stopped in Waihi for a quick ride, which turned into about an hour ride well dodging soccer balls being kicked over from the game that was going on.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the park and everyone rode well, Marlowe showed his Gisbourne roots via doing a flyout on everything in sight...haha, no, he didn't, he just ripped the place up and hit every line in site.

Steven...its an air, what else do you want me to say?

Marlowe, Botched Invert photo...the landing on this was toooight

Simon, Botched (again) photo of a tuck 180...I suck at the whole picture thing.

From Waihi we headed to Whangamata, where we were met with Aucklanders and Fred! who was sporting a dirty...dirty 'stash.
Caleb from Whangamata was also down and riding, going big over everything with style for miles.
After noticing Luke sitting down without his bicycle I thought I'd see what was happening with the non-riding, and he let me know that he left his front wheel on his front lawn . . .I see no need to comment.

About 30mins into the ride I was hauling ass(going slower than that long lost uncle with a limp) at this ramp about to do some extreme airial when my chain decided to snap on me...hurray, no biggie, just no riding.
But this was kind of a good thing for Luke as he was able to steal my front wheel and get loose. (Pat. Pending, Gisbourne)

Luke does the best tables . . .

I don't even know what this thing is called. Caleb rippin'

Marlowe, snakerun invert...he did these time and time again and I finnaly got a semi good shot, I hate my camera.

Simon, Turning it down for the Whangamata locals.

From here we headed to Calebs trails, which I must admit are looking super sexy, spines, dirt quarters, so many jumps, berm jumps, gaps, transfers...so so good.

About half the trails. Check his blog for more pics of them.

Caleb, boooosting the middle set.

The trails were a bit wet so only a couple of people rode them...I can't wait till they're dry and we're there.

George & caleb was forced to ride back to the Skatepark from the trails, which is a bit of a hike...george took the lazy route.

After getting back to the park we more a less rode till it started to rain/get dark, George crashed on a big table in the snakerun, which wasn't a bad crash, but at the same time, crashing at a million miles an hour on not-so-smooth concrete is never good.

After saying out goodbye we headed back to Rotorua, for a night of getting drunk and talking about Counterstrike...what the fuuuuuck.
I watched Bruce All Mighty and Marlowe played counterstrike, I mean C.S..I mean C.S.S...hell, I don't know what I mean.

Anyway, Luke has a bunch of pics from this night & the next day at the trails which I will let him put up and write about.

If he doesn't use the pictures I have spare then I'll edit them into this.

Thanks to Marlowe for coming all the way from Gisbourne to ride with us cockheads, Veggie Susages arn't all that bad!

And Luke, ya shitcunt, its always good riding & drinking with you.

I suppose I should thank Rotorua? nah.

keep on reppin' for the 07

Edit -

This Just In!

Luke has a virus on his computer, MSN Convo:

Luke, says:

Luke, says:
if it is spyware and the cunt listen to me gettign nagry now i fuckin hate u faggot cunt , ill bet your faggot and momas boy that no doubt sits at his computer all day with no friends , fuck you dick weed , eat shit or a fucken cock , ull nevr get pussy in front of a computer , ull prolly end up fucking you dog or wait u already ahve , FUCK YOU DICKHEAD GO LISTEN TO SOME MORE CREEED
Luke, says:
fuckin virus making nerd ,eat shiot

Luke is awesome.

October 24, 2005


. . . . . . Luke Manson: 'I'm pretty much open to any new shit'

Think about it.

Marlowe's getting lucky.


U heard me , marlowe!!!

October 16, 2005


Simon/demio....too fast for their own good.

*hey ppl ,, more pics added down under this update , the one before this one , DUH*

Ah yes, this is what was shouted out of a car, by no dout a Rugby player as we strutted ourselves down the main road in taramanui....they're just jealous because only gangsta pants fit them.

Well, yesterday morning I awoke at 7am as per usual after drinking, and rallied the troops can made our way to Taramanui, we had a quick stop off to take myspace photos at some Dam...it was badass, Cody (cory) spotted a bank/wallride thinger underneath which we were too tired to hit up on the way home.

Simon Loves Rotorua this much.

We had a quick stop in Bennydale for drink/food/porn and we spotted perhaps the most awesome sign ever:

Belive it or not, Lion Brown & Rheineck....on tap!

3 Hours later we arrived in Taramanui, Jase had said to pop over as the park is having its opening or something, we rolled up to see that there was a bit of a comp going down, Gypsey fair etc etc etc.
The park looked pretty fun, but the mini was a bit too mini and tight...but was still a bit of fun getting used to everything.

Theres basicly a box, spine, mini, quarter to flat bank, quarter/gapy/hippy thingie, rails etc.

We had a hour or so ride here before it started to spit and combined with the fact that it was packed we couldn't really get much of a ride in.

From here we headed to a cafe for lunch, where I proved how much of a fat cunt I am and how much people think we're from Auckland . . .which isn't exactly a good thing.

Then we went to Te Kuiti...which seems different from last time we rode there, Simon still managed to kill the park.

Simon, Pedal feeble.

Simon, 450 smooth as his pick-up lines.

Simon, Invert.

Wow, videos? We're stepping it up alrite, Right Click and 'Save Target As' to download.

Simon, 450

Cody, Fufanu Woop thinger me bobber

Feel free to browse around my photobucket album, we have more chilling pictures than riding picture . . .as per usual.

All in all it was a good trip, but since when isn't Free stuff good?

Leave comments and abuse Luke into putting his dud pictures up from the U.T.B.N.B Jam.

Myspace is better than you.

October 15, 2005

Under the crossing

I have truly been sitting in fron of this computer way to long , so heres a picture , a picture of ash cause he deserves it>>

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

BAmm , later .. more to follow .. alot more ... tommorow

And heres tommorows.. here alot of pic so there just gunna be here for your veiwing , im sure u know who everyone is so enjoy , actaully ill put names your are an idoit... hah
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Get this cracking with george blasting a downside whip at the med centre 45 degree side ramp..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ooo movie star?? ... no luke, turndown out of the med centre kicker..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Louis barspin at the med centre..

Damn painting class now , update tommorow... ahah.. or sooner in photo class..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This guys name is itchy , itchy itchy itchy!! .. here staying for a year from japan with his friend takashi , street table at the med centre ....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Che to ash for taking this and some others for me , luke who is me table at the med centre..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Getting a bit arty in this shot or was i just to slow , no i am master photo muahah , george turndown at the me..... u know where..

Beleive it or not the med centre was actaully the last of our stops , we got kicked out too mnay times , like 4 places ... ahh shit i had a pic of us chilling with the man in blue.. but u can imagine, --too my knowledge i think steve drain might have hit up this rail but until now weve only sat and looked at it .... louis and ewok ate some shit for the tem dion this kinker before another guard kicked us the fuck out...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ewok master ... first kinker for him i think? a decent one too..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
A different angkle to give u an idea this rail is A , OK ... louis decided to hit the real streer and take his brakes off for this ride..

In part if the day we hit up the wallride that was featured in hellraisers but had a nice makeover , by nat and justin.. also where ash had his debut at the start of this post..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
This may just remind you of a ... bah something that mike aitken taht someone said about.. geogre dion it..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Yeee luke , by chance a wall manuel..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
While sitting here i got a abusive email from this lil' magget , ahah sorry this is adam wall riding..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Our brother from another mother -- shit these comments are getting useless , Itchy crankflip out the wallride ..sick..

I wish i could remeber where we went in order but this was .. ahh yes the first .. or...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Louis Smith ...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Itchy gave this a good couple of trys , but in thend he grinded his "asshole!" , X-up double pegger..

With that street ride over that was saturday over ... so with the trend of working in reverse , heres some shots of friday night..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ewok boosting viccies..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Luke turndown into the night...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Two people took more than a few pictures trying to get this to look good and actauully see what louis is dion , but u still dont know , its a can can foot plant..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Whoa what a big picture update , the Ewok (mark davis yellow phone) makes another space.. x-up air viccies..

This is loose , be warned... eh.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Geogre -"lets see if i can get it really clicked?" , now thats what u call a turn bar , Omri style..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Lets get a bit Arty ... air george..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Louis , Opposite air lookback at devo ... well thats it people and i still have 30 photos form the dirt jam to put on , all pearlas matey... This weekend mite be shaping up to go to Whangamata , to ride calebs trails .. and i think he has a L.A.F so we can double team the euro bottom bracket.
Mike D is goin to austraila tommorow or tonite so , hell hopefully have some Photos of aus parks (vic for life) that look all so rad on the net ... Ben stephenson lives there so he gunna hok up with him and retreive his girlfriend from canada..

Theres some news for you .. also lift plus is apparently not the best for you , according to pual moffat gym director , sportty , pink bike , street dog, no more mullet , guy who says "drink powerade!" ... News from the east is that nic still never rides and his car is packing 400hp , with twin chur-bros... ride man , stop house/keisina sitting .. u cant stop that orange frame from fading forever..

Well that was a rant on , like miked styles almost , except you can undersatnd english..
..Thanks for reading and looking ..

Luke M

October 03, 2005

F**k her, i just wanna get on the piss.

This picture basicly sum's the trip up.

Errrr, where do I start?

Hmmm, Saturday morning sounds good, I was awoken at around 8am by my cell phone ringing, but it was allll the way over on my desk, so I thought 'fuck that, im going back to sleep' 2mins later my home phone rings, but i thought about 'fuck that, someone else will pick it up'. For around the next 20minutes the phone ring every 1 - 2 minutes. I finnaly pick it up, and guess who, its Luke, and all he said was 'hey, ring simons cellphone, sweet, bye'

Awesome x2, so i ring Simon and it turns out that its fine weather in Auckland, and Luke seems to be averagly keen on us trippin' up...he even bribed his father with only swearing once every sentance and managed to get us floorspace in his room.

Anyway, we leave about 11am to Auckland, and it rains the whole way there, Simon & Steven had a 'see how long you can hold you have out the window contest in the driving rain and low temperatures' I think it went on for about 6 Slayer songs, so about 40mins....they're INSANE.

We arrived to Auckland, to see it was raining...surprise surprise, so we were heading to Son Skate, with a quick stop at Son Skate, where young Luke text messaged us to let us know that Owera was the destination and to get to Vic now...so much for SonSkate.

We arrived at Vic and got a txt saying to go to Hedgehog bicycles, where Fred was pointing out the Snake in the tree, luke managed to attack, grab and seduce it, then managed to get it into the car, and then hanging off the side of the car...I don't know if this was Freds doing or not.

The snake in action....check the back seat formation.

Owera was a bit of fun, a pretty randomly placed park, Fun mini, little box thinger, fucked vert quarters, a roll in and another bigger quarter.
After around 20mins here it started to rain, so we tripped on to Stanmore bay.

Stanmore bay was of course wet when we first arrived, but we hung around long enough for it to dry, a pretty fun ride went down, George learns something new everytime I see him, and Louis & Fred anialated the Rails there.

You should have seen the poistion Luke had to get in to take this photo...Gay Times would love to have him as a coverboy im sure.

We also met, well, harrased a wee child at Stanmore bay, who 'swapped' boxers with another kid and managed to scare me shitless via somehow dropping in on the big ply quarter without killing himself..well, the Killing himself may have just happened if Adam got his way....bloodey Aussies.

From stanmore bay we headed back to Town, where we dropped the demio off at Lukes and packed into the Corona to town, Luke/Fred managed to get a beer/fanta Car thrown at the Corona by a rugged perhaps homeless Maori..Louis was not impressed.

We went to real groovey where I managed to blow more money that i really should of, But i couldn't really turn down an Ozzy LP for $13. + another couple of things.

Next day we said our goodbyes to Luke and headed to SonSkate, where Matt & Jared from gisbourne were, as well as there Internet? girlfriends...heh heh.

Matt ripped shit up, tailwhip here, 540 there blah blah blah.

SonSkate sucks for pictures, as do I. Matt, 1 footed euro.

Simon, Invert.

Simon, rockin' the headband.

From sonskate we headed home to the Awesome Rotorua.

I am definatly no Gangsta.

Simon hates you. This picture will no dout be on his myspace account in .5 seconds.

Anyway, the jam is next weekend, you'd had better be there.

We have basicly the figured out the prizes, which must be collected/used/consumed at the after-party, which will be off the hizzzle.
8th of October, Rotorua, be there!

Untill next time..