October 16, 2005


Simon/demio....too fast for their own good.

*hey ppl ,, more pics added down under this update , the one before this one , DUH*

Ah yes, this is what was shouted out of a car, by no dout a Rugby player as we strutted ourselves down the main road in taramanui....they're just jealous because only gangsta pants fit them.

Well, yesterday morning I awoke at 7am as per usual after drinking, and rallied the troops can made our way to Taramanui, we had a quick stop off to take myspace photos at some Dam...it was badass, Cody (cory) spotted a bank/wallride thinger underneath which we were too tired to hit up on the way home.

Simon Loves Rotorua this much.

We had a quick stop in Bennydale for drink/food/porn and we spotted perhaps the most awesome sign ever:

Belive it or not, Lion Brown & Rheineck....on tap!

3 Hours later we arrived in Taramanui, Jase had said to pop over as the park is having its opening or something, we rolled up to see that there was a bit of a comp going down, Gypsey fair etc etc etc.
The park looked pretty fun, but the mini was a bit too mini and tight...but was still a bit of fun getting used to everything.

Theres basicly a box, spine, mini, quarter to flat bank, quarter/gapy/hippy thingie, rails etc.

We had a hour or so ride here before it started to spit and combined with the fact that it was packed we couldn't really get much of a ride in.

From here we headed to a cafe for lunch, where I proved how much of a fat cunt I am and how much people think we're from Auckland . . .which isn't exactly a good thing.

Then we went to Te Kuiti...which seems different from last time we rode there, Simon still managed to kill the park.

Simon, Pedal feeble.

Simon, 450 smooth as his pick-up lines.

Simon, Invert.

Wow, videos? We're stepping it up alrite, Right Click and 'Save Target As' to download.

Simon, 450

Cody, Fufanu Woop thinger me bobber

Feel free to browse around my photobucket album, we have more chilling pictures than riding picture . . .as per usual.

All in all it was a good trip, but since when isn't Free stuff good?

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