June 21, 2005

Post Picture

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NIC sent me this , its rad , but not as rad as some subliminal messages coming from ur computer right now... (SILENT ONES) ... listen to slayer , listen to slayer.... lisssssten toooo slayyyyerrrr.....

More pictures of shit that happens here in auckland , the weathers not the best at times ... but what can you do? Smile BE HAPPY ... Ryans lovin it . vvvvv
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Skating is part of the extreme sports so here some lightspeed action ... I hes going fast eh? vvv
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While on a bit a street ride , we hit up the new vodafone building what was there a mellow drive way and this sighn , brakeless power from paul moffat.. vvvv
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Paul MOffat NOse bonk . vvvv
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now freds "way" of "why do something if you can just fuck it up???" monster trucking the sighn. vvvv
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Luke manson Turndown AT VICCIES , question "does anyone know of any other skateparks but vic???"
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Most of the time vic is only half dry ALL day at this time in winter , but geogre can boost. vvv
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The Ewok , mark davis , double peg across and down. vvv
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Luke manson turndown at vic . vvvv
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Chur for checking out the site ... Photos taken by Nat Cooke , pual and me

June 14, 2005

I <3 Box Jump

Well, not quite.

We've been riding alot of te Ngae skatepark latley, well mainly the quarter to bank, hurray for a flyout/box jump!

Here's a couple of pictures from it:

Steven, Table?

Simon, Tuck No Hander

Ryan(Me), yes, another tuck picture...

Theres a heck of alot more pictures which can be found on my photobucket album.

23/34 June Simon, Steven, Cody and I will be in Auckland riding, drinking and tagging along with other people, say hello.

That Is All.


June 06, 2005


let's go back in time, to the 3rf Of june, 2005, the Location being my house, wher Steven, Cody, Lisa, Kylee were present, we were sitting back have some alchoholic beverage's watching the new Little Devil DVD, when 11:15 rolled past, the time when I was meant to be picking up Luke Mansex and Fred Brazil from the Bus station...fast forward 3 hours and I have a broken record player and a broken wardrobe and my room smelling like a booze truck crashed into it. Thanks Boys!

Ugh, yeah.

At around about 10am on saturday morning we left for Whangamata, weather didn't look too promising on the way over...but we kept our hopes up, first riding spot for most people on the trip was Shed 7 aka Carl's ramp at the Mt, where we met up with Caleb, from whangamata, Louis from auckland and the 'I was In X*Air!' George from auckland, we showed Shed 7 who's boss...that being Zombie Ben...check zombie for proof!...

Simon, Turndown.

Caleb, Table, Botched Photo by Luke. . .

From Carl's we headed off to Whangamata, the trip was as you would expect any trip to be, throwing stuff at the car behind you and passing the slower Auckland drivers etc.

We arrived at Whangamata around 4ish and set to to riding, of course.

Steven, Table.

Louis, RailRide.

George, Walltap..rediculous

After the sun went down we went about finding a place to stay, we were lucky enough to have a place to stay for free, thanks to Caleb!
So we had some alcoholic beverages and headed out to a party, where I managed to get punched in the head by a stupid aggro maori and Cody got head butted . . . but apart from that it was a pretty rad scene there.

Next morning woke up, couple of people were hungover, which always make's riding super!

We headed off to the park, where troy and Josh from whangamata were riding...theres a pic of josh going nut's of the snakerun at Caleb's site...afer riding there for awhile it was decided that we would head over to Pawanui for a couple of hours, riding went down and aeroplane's took off overhead from the run way next to the park and houses...yes, thats right in pawanui you don't have a driveway, you have a runway, some people have too much money.

Fred, Fufanu on the Bowl extension.

Caleb, Air.

Simon, Invert.

After pawanui we headed back to Whangamata for a quick blast, then we said goodbye to Whangamata park and started our trek back to Rotorua.

Once in Rotorua we rode the park for a bit, Louis did a downside icepick grind across the quarter and backward double peg on the pyrimid rail, crazy stuff.

We then headed off to my hizzle to watch the empire video, then off to Simon's house for drinks/a place to stay, which involved Louis being hit with a bean bag and being knocked to the florr because of it by Fred.

Next morning we headed off the reason why they actully came to rotorua, the trails, a pretty mellow session went down, with Simon and Jared having a case-o-rama and George and Louis showing everyone how trail's are meant to be rode.

Louis, With the Trick of the day.

George, Boost Over the first set

George, 360 over the last set.

After trail's George, Louis, Fred, Luke and Caleb headed off for home via Whangamata, this was at approx 2pm, I got a txt from george at 6ish saying he was 50k's from home and stuck in a traffic jam...ahh don't you just love Auckland?

Thanks to Caleb for giving us a place to stay in Whangamata and everyone that came along.

For the picture's that didn't make the cut as such go here: http://photobucket.com/albums/y3/prophecyBMX/Whangamata_weekend/

Hopefully Caleb and/or Fred will have some picture's show up online somewhere...I'll let you know when they do.

peace out maggots.


June 02, 2005

You must turn to the DARK SIDE...

Hah not like in stars wars cause that shit aint for real , i know you love it .. onto not related news from slayersaves.com "A dozen songs have been written for the forthcoming album, with just some tinkering and lyrics to be done. Because of Ozzfest, Araya notes, the band is in "pause mode." The record, Araya promises, will sound like Slayer. "You can take my word on it that it will always be very Slayer," he says. "We'll stick to the core." ..From an interview in July 2004 , so it can only be soon...
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I like ART class
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Mmm trip happing this weekend , just hoping on the weather ... well where eva' we end up , we will have some pics..

June 01, 2005

Couple Pic's.

Rotorua's riding has been off tha hook since the weather's picked up. We been riding rotorua park, well mainly the hip, as you will see by the following picture's.

Steven, Slick as table over the Rotorua Hip.

Steven, Fufanu on the best sub in Rotorua . . .

Simon, Tuck over thy Rotorua hip.

Ryan[me], Steven was angry at me and decided to cut my head off.

I belive/am hoping that the prophecy crue will be heading to Whangamata this weekend, with Luke in toe, no dout passed out on the grass...

Ahhhh memories, approx 20min's afer this photo I was struck in the head by a Maori for no reason.