July 16, 2009

party in my head

says miss kitten!

just a couple pictures in today. winter has set in and it sucks. was hoping to get some rides in well I actually have some days of but it looks like its gonna be crap for the next 4 days. crap.

anyway. heres some pictures of some handsome devils.

Mr. Graham.

from box to hip

concentration like wild

chilling with the homies

couple tables this time from cody and phillip.

Phillip has his shit on lock down these days!

In other new Hoani was at the skatepark killing it as he did before jailtime! hopefully see him at the park more these days.

cody and I are in ak this weekend to get wild....might see you then forget your name around the place.

stay rad . . .

oh and just in case you didn't know. this is where babies come from