January 19, 2009

this time do it backwards

another update in which we are traveling through time.

Around the start of the month cody simon & I went in to ride an abandoned theme park in the hope that the pools would be empty, but what we found was that they are covered in some green algae, which wasn't exactly ideal but we found some little jib's to ride anyway.

Cody moving boulders out of the way.


Simon cancan'in

Bumper boats + green water.

Simon table

Simon & Cody racing around the go-cart track.

Cody manualing around the pool

don't break the rules!!


Simon is scared of t-rex

riding dinosuars . . .cody makes it look so easy!

Then a couple days ago, friday i think, we went across to Taupo to pick up Jack who has been tripping around the south island for a couple months and has come to Rotorua to spend his last week in New Zealand in the best city of them all!

Anyway, taupo pics . . .

on the road again . . .

Jared currently has a broken arm, so he just came along for the ride and had a wee roll around on harley's bike.

Simon t-whippin'

Jack footjammin'

Jack t-whippin'

Jack again

Simon no foot cannin'

Simon 270 table

Simon turndown

Simon 3-fakie


After the park we headed over to the natural spa thing where I felt like a perv taking pictures . . ah

then we headed home we a brief stop in some small town with a sweet bike statue ting:

Also, jack had some cheese in his bag which hadn't been in a fridge all day so the van stunk, well actually it may of been someones stinky pads but who knows . . .

On saturday it was proposed to head to tauranga and all thats inbetween.

Within long the park struck again, much like 1408 hotel room, fucks with people/bikes.

first trip there took out cody, not long after that took out jacks wheel and this time sams crank!

stink buzz

Jack oiled himself up

Simon 180 over seat

Jack 360 down the stairs, i think its about 8 stairs.

jack jack jackkk

Simon 180 turndown

Jack 360

Giant kiwifruit!

we then headed to 17th ave for a bit, met some rad locals who said something about dirt jumps, and we headed to some mtb park thing, the jumps were a bit under-maintained but i think all but jack had fun on them.
i don't have a speedlight or any fancy flashes so my photos here are pretty average as always.

Ak dude, tailwhip

tauranga dude, tabletop

SImon turndown

Jack about to get happpyyy ::::::--------]]]]]]]]]]

Jack rockin' the see-saw...wow thats one word i've never had to spell before.

after this simon & jack went for a swimmy swim swim

then we all went home, after of course:

And as it is Jareds 21st next weekend we had some dranks on the saturday night for good time as always at homedizzle street.

Um, cody took some pics simon took some pics i took some pics and good times were had!

Girl Talk is this sunday at cassete number nine, if you're in AK and have nothing to do come along and dance with some hipster babes!

stay rad!