February 17, 2006

Like Fire!!! Decepticons!!

Like a organic poo out of manconi ass ready to be feed into a ac/dc mosh pit .. this update will be full of mass and just general hugeness . Like that nugget ,, aye dave?

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Random include of a photoshop class at school ^^

I have'nt
done a update since xair .. so Xair was sick people ... like good shit mean fun.. Judging was awesome ,, thanks to jono and the boys for letting me do that i had heaps of fun and appreciate it .. Hmm so much shit form xair .. comes to mind daves music sucks adn so does kevins and bruces music .. you wrecked my ears. Ac/dc ... pffftttt ahahha... Super fun getting dave angry and hanging out dudes.
hey to all my friends form upper hutt and around there . you guys rock.

Sweet riding , nz guys rocked and always will .

So here how this update works ,, like 30 photos ,, ill try be creative and write captions but , by the end of the photos .. i miight get bored and i wish i ahd a picture of dave somewhere .. oh wait ahahhaha

This pictures has been used but i spruced/bruced it up for you.

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Image hosting by Photobucket
Fredrico , super gap tabletop.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Fred has mastered the dracula technique . mahhahah busted

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Louis tabbogan air.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Mark is always shredding ., no hander transfer . I chopped of his head in a walltap picture , so you cant see it but i have apicture of him dion a walltap , just imagine with me guys , ok.

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Joel .. tabletop ... " sweet atleast my bum doesnt look big " joel.

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Joel , origanal at vic eh? sweet invert fast plant.

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New local ,, thomas from island bay , has no idea i took this photo . hes cool ,, tom abubaca.

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Simon boosting in our height comp.

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Me and simon are like even.

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Luke turndown over a wooden box .

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Local Rotorua rider ash ,, x- up transfer .. this guy drives like a mad man and drinks like madder man , and is awesome.

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Following on hell of a trend of jumping this transfer , luke ... lookbacked.

Image hosting by Photobucket
In your face , geogre cranked to shit x-up .

Image hosting by Photobucket
Ash cause he rocks! .. air.

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It wouldnt be a updte without the infamous mark davis , and his long line of shocking hair cuts . boosting huge gap over the plastic thing , whos name eludes my head right now.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Oh oh plastic road barrier ,,, fucken not to mention this pillow stealing bastard! FUCK

Now heres like a Kazillion pictures of louis ,, all of them good , so look up hes killer biotch!

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Can can fuckin , foot thru overside stall thing man ,, he landed it and it was cool , enough said.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Louis nohander in the making .

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That guy you must well know by now .. footjam noce pic .. repp'in for viices mini ramp.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Barspin aerial. louis

Image hosting by Photobucket
Louis getting super loose sideways ,, that trick . you make a name for it , cause i aint!

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Luke intruding on luios mini ramp session .. whip air = butt fuck.

Image hosting by Photobucket
X-Air in a picture if you will ... every was like this .. or was it just me .. free tui on a rooftop , lovin it.

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The new spot ,, started one weekend by luke , ryan , ash , cody , simon and brah steven .. secret and sick 14 footer for the 3rd jump. che like in the bush , shakke with the tribes men man!


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Manson/I and steven like a bunch of syncronised olympic atheletes . pouring out for the good in tabletops.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Oh bummer i only have 2 pics from cambridge . luke turndown over the spine . yeah



Image hosting by Photobucket
Tim hales with that trick.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Simondo with that trick.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Steven fucking cranking that trick.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Luke about to marry that trick .

Image hosting by Photobucket
Quite possibly this guys debut on prophecybmx tonite , karl boost.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Nicest guy in bmx today, jamie boosting and now familiar with ramp shredding . sick

Image hosting by Photobucket
Goerge no foot can , on that gap ruben did . pfft, geogre slaying it.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Overicepick , with the help of louis far develpoed alein brain and a garden shovel . how conveinient.

Thats heaps of shit man..

Oh yeh more xair .. if you find my sleeves , my mum wants them hahahha,
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Now two very special people making there first appearence , alongside with karl for winning a grammy award , also goes to stevens cat huckle berry

Image hosting by Photobucket

Ash " over and out man"

luke later bros .. See yehs at the zombie vic park jam .. cause it liek so happening right now . : )

February 14, 2006

Beach, Farmer Tan, THE BASTARD

yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, arrrrggggghhh.

What the fuck?

Its Tuesday night, I'm poooped..goddam work.

Erm, I guess we should magicly transport back to Saturday...I think it was Saturday, no sorry, Friday, Mark Lepoooooooota and Brian Enzilloti (or some shit, its fancy) aka The Bastard arrived in Rotorua for some drinking + riding.

Friday night was pretty wild, We got into one bar, we tried so many others but got the big no, everyone was pretty loose, t'was a good night.

On Saturday we all woke up at my house, then realised that the Bastard wasn't with us...goddam americans pimpin' the shady ladies.

Once we found the Bastard I think we all started our trek , while ditching everyone and anyone insight. We hastilly sneaked away to Tauranga + Shed7 = before everyone woke up.

We started off our ride in Tauranga with a stop at 17th Ave, which I always find fun, as did everyone else by the looks of things.

Maaaaaaark, smith grind across and almost all the way down.

Brian, Somehow airing out of the big Quarter there.

Brian, Big t-down with the farmer tan rockin'

Errmm, from here we headed out to Shed7 for a quick blat.

The Bastard, big wall tap.

Simon was also on this trip completly killing it!

After Shed7 we headed out to the beach for a swim & to watch the ladies...ha ha.

har har.

errr, then we headed home for alcohol...where the Bastard was in full effect.

On Sunday we headed back off in a similar direction to Saturday, but instead carried on all the way to Whangamata, we met up with Caleb and his band of merry men.

Had a pretty fun ride at the park, Brian rode his first snake run ever and ripped up all over the place...got pretty wild on a no hander aswell.

Simon, with style.

My battery pretty much died here now, so i'm going to cut this day short...you dont wanna hear about Kebabs & beach antics.

Bunch o' fags.

Meeeh, I'm really lazy right now, I have a couple pictures + videos from Taupo on monday to post up on here, I'll get it done tomorrow or something when I feel like not falling asleep at the keyboard.

check back in the next couple days!


Spokey dokey, so I got around to uploading those videos.

They're nothing fancy, not edited, just put up here for you to waste your parents download limit for the month:

Mark, Smith Thingie

This video is of Mark & Jed, but mainly of Jed...he's getting super good these days.
Taupo Footy

Theses no real story to Taupo/you don't want to hear about stealing the Demio & going to Taupo to pick up Brian's things.

So heres the shitty pictures I got:

Mark, Abubaca on the big spine.

Jay, Air with some rad sunnies.

I don't know this guys name, but here he is doing a 360 over the ledge.

Jed, apparently this wasn't very high or nose dived . . .ugh?

Jed again going super high on a 360 invert.

And thats about all I have to offer.

I don't think there was a single tabletop in this whole update, is prophecy slacking or what?

I think we need some input from Luke...hurrry up.


I'm tired.

myspace time.