February 07, 2006

Shits for real this time

Goddam it...Even Adam has updated this shit more than Luke has latley, we need some Dave Manconi jokes + bad spelling up in here.


Well, this update is going to be all over the place, since X*Air we've done quite a few trips, I've got alot of bad pictures, and I'm not using photobucket anymore for my pictures because my bucket is full!

Erm, where on earth do I start.

**Checks sitesled**

**checks My Pictures**

**puts 'Black' playlist onto iTunes**

**rollin' down the street smokin menthols sippin' on gin and juice... LAID BACK!**


Erm, these pictures are from early January.

Cody, Cody almost has his tables down...get those knees in boy!

Simon . . .he seems to bust out a sit down turndown every now and then, and I always seem to get good pictures of them...HAH.
I suck.

Fast forward a month . . .

**hey ladies ding ding ding** (The ding was from a cowbell you ninny's)

This past weekend we headed up to auckland, for one, to go to a show, which featured, Brick Vs Face from Tga, The Valley from Oz and Comeback Kid from canada and also to pick up Marks friend, Brian from the USA, who you'll no dout be hearing alot of soon.

Erm, we arrived on Saturday, stopped for a quick ride at papkura park, which is always fun, then headed to our backpackers, and got drunk.
We met up with George, Louis & Caleb who was down from whangamata for the weekend.
We then headed to the Liquor store for more booze, got drunker in Albert Park, shouted abuse at myspace girls and then headed to the show.

met up with Luke, Steven & Ash at the show, about 30mins into brick vs face everyone other than Luke, Steven, Ash & I left to drink a bit more, after the show and chilling with myspace girlies...Shohan! and some sleeve ripping went down...hahahaha, I wish I had a video camera for this shit, myspace some pep's and ask about it.

Then headed into town, bumped into a very drunk Cody, drinking a beer in the middle of queen street...and when I say middle, I mean the middle of queen street.
Louis was shouting at me saying that Simon had gone to some girls house for some R18 action and people were just generally rowdy.

I think I'll leave it at that because you came here to read about BMX...not dumb drunks.

Or I could take shohans advice:

Ryan says:
haha, people are coming to the site for bmx stuff and will hear about myspace girl
Ryan says:
[shohan] says:
hahaha too bad

meeh, Sleep was had and hungovers arrived.

On Sunday we bummed around town for a bit, checked out the crazies, had a ride at devo, then headed to Vic to meet up with . .

Mark! Who doesn't like you.

We had a wee ride at Vic, which sucks, haha.

Then I think we went to Glenfield, which was a bit of fun...but faaar too many skaters and brakeless is never good for that.

Then headed to Devonport with Fred & Ashley.
Fred was rockin' a new frame...which was rockin'. (how lame was that)

erm, pictures:

Ashley...just taking a foot off at the top of the wallride.

Fred, doublepegging the top of the sub. ASSSHOT...thats alot of s's.

Mark, Get a haircut you hippy!

Errrmm, from the devonport I think we headed to a set of trails that george & Louis have been working on, they were super fun and trying to stop well blackberry is ever approaching is always fun! NARF.

Heres a bad picture of me jumping through the 4th jump on the small set.

I was going to put up a picture of the trails themselves but I dont wanna give too much away.

As we were leaving Nick Franklin and his group of fellow scumbags arrived with motorbikes . . .I don't think that too much damage was done thoe, well I damn hope not anyway....the trails were awesome.

From here I wanted to head out to another set of trails....but that never ended up happening, instead we went to Vic and arsed around there for a bit, had an intense game of footdown on the new concrete pad and Simon & Luke got high.

Heres a real bad picture of Luke boosting viccies box, he has some better pictures on his camera...do an update cunt!

After this a street ride went down, which was hella fun...it started at Wendy's! so how could we go wrong!?

Luke crashed pretty hard...which kinda put him out for the night...and we saw Fred with his fine lady at Aotea Square, haha...U.T.B.N.b.B ! ! !

We ended up staying at Aussie Adams house, who was sporting a hella peel.

Next morning we woke up early, didnt end up riding till around 12, hit up the railway wallride then Manukau and then went to the Airport to pick up Marks friend, he took a little bit longer than expected, so of course we hit the Airport bar and watched a bit of the superbowl.

Brian arrived, without his bags or bike...dumb airlines, but I think he has his stuff now...well I damn hope so anyway.

We then headed back to Manukau, then decided to start our trek home, hit up a couple places went through a storm and got home around 8ish.

Had a rad myspace session then went to bed.

Humm, I think thats enough bullshit to bore you with.

This friday/saturday is going to be badass, trail digging + riding + drunken americans.


**G's up hoes down while you motherfuckers bounce to this**

Errmmm, yeah, thats it thats all thats all it is.

Wheel, adam, hot stuff.


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