November 19, 2008

dude dude lets high five well pissing out ryans car window!!

ugh, thanks guys.
but I guess when you gotta go you gotta go!

kinda glad that the window reflected otherwise you'd be getting full frontal, well maybe half frontal because it's Cody.

So after work on Friday at about 1030 I picked up my girlfriend rach & then cody & jack and headed off to Auckland.

cody popping a beer and denting the ceiling of my car with the bottle cap.

got into Ak about 130am dropped a very sober jack and cody at stevens then i went to Suite for a few hours with rach, and had a mean wiksky sours and a rye manhatten. noooice.

Saturday met up with peps at Vic for a wee ride.

jack whipping the gator pit, cody photo

jack kinda taking an original line through the gator gap

jack table on the slipperyyy mini

can can yo

after louis saying that tailwhipping off was too hard he just threw a truckdriver off the ledge..i mean why not??

george barspin off the ledge

from vic we headed back to stevens where we had left earlier as the BBQ was just getting started.
I think either we arrived late or steven got started too early. either way, was willddd.

we found a sweet posi by the BBQ and sunk some brews

whoa no grip!

househusband luke clearing shit up

we moved inside to the delight of stevens girlfriend

sweet cup! dirty mo!

Kirk discovered a new friend, a nice long green one


sponsered hip flask??

i managed to pay for this using only 1 dollar and 50 cent coins. go me!

i dont even know where this fan came from??

kirk fucking hates you

jack loves wisky


i kinda left about this point to go see my other auckland friends but from what I heard of the night, mo booze, english person waking up in vomit and shit a hairy guy passing out on queen st, $50 taxi rides, being chased by bouncers....not alot else seemed to happen??

i hung out with asian girls

and dropped my wisky

sunday woke up by myself in a room in grey lynn, i dunno, you tell me.

found my phone in the lounge of said house and tracked down people and met up again at vicccc.

cody photo

horny photo

hungover photo

fraser whipping on through

some kid

I'm pretty sure im posting these in the wrong order. but i'll make it look like we rode street on sunday then yeah?

Oh, simon was in AK helping his gf move house and came for a quick street ride, he met up with jack cody and I well jack was t-downing down stairs at Aotea Square...

this is a terrible photo I know, I always forget about the sun, pretty wild drop/gap thing, jack!

cody in his fur bottomed jeans boots with the flow, had the whole club looking at huuuummmmm, hit the flo hit the floo got loow loowww lowww lowww

mo whips

mo mo mo

jack hopping rails

told you I always forget

jack stair wallride

then we headed on up to t-whites shop, which is super rad i must say! i would link to his website but i don't know it but it is linked from!

louis being super fucking badass.

then we headed to george & louis' for a bbq

saw a sweet fire truck think on the motorway

jack was stoked

cody wants my shades

im so tuff

after saying our goodbyes headed out to rach's to pick her up and then head home.

pretty much sum's up the trip:

thanks everyone!

i know, more drinking pictures than riding pictures, but who want;s to see another table from the same angle anyway??? haha

my car will slaughter you! ... if you're a bug.

thanks auckland for the good times!

ah, these pictures are from a bit ago of Jacks Motorbike!

this is a no handed with the numberplate falling off.

see you in another two weeks!