March 08, 2008

flyout pictures

excuse the last post
drinking and internet is fucking terrible.

I'm living back in Rotorua now so probably be some updates now and then.

heres some pictures from today that are pretty shady and one of brian eating shit.


Phillip, seat grab turn bar

brian, eating shit

Phillip, nothing

Simon, tailwhip number 347328427328764863836346346348487366735237645342384627386782364487

Simon, double 180

Brian, xgames

Brian, barturn fish tale

Adam, loose tailwhip attempt

Simon, not going fast enough

Phillip doing another turnbar and slipping the handlebars

Adam, Tilwhip attempt

Simon, tailwhip attempt 832482394732462348347834374384324723462

some black guy taking his hands off

gay photo sweet dude

brian, eating shit


go to horse the band on wednesday. it'll be gnarly.