December 29, 2008

its always okay if the first times gay

We will thank Simon for the quote of today.

I havent really had enough pictures for a single update so I've saved up pics from the last few weeks and this update is the product of that.


lets take us back to december 6.

Phillip did a manual

we then cruised down to the big ole metal half pipe thing.

half pipe thing

Sam getting flat


Jed getting large

Jed riding back handed

i think this was either the same or different day, not really sure

I dont know this kids name but he boosts shit

Sam, 270 x-up


note lukes son on the front left.

At some point everyone ended up at homedale for a couple quiet drinks

Cody had just replaced some lightbulb things and decided to dispose of them the next day, or so he thought . . .

and then this is what happens when you mess with simons van . . .

your Audi gets fucked up!

codys ute this time . . .

Master Splinter gets in on the action

bad mistake.

Simon takes it back to the days of Brazilians and luke manson losing underwear . . .

good times . . . smashing good times in fact!

And these photos are from just yesterday at a pretty fun grass bank and schoool

Sam can cannss






Cody losing his balance a tad. haha



jed and sam getting silly

jed 270

simon did one no foot can super fast and I didn't take a picture so instead you can see the no footer of it.

jed did it tho

as did Sam


sam almost sucking his own . . .





Someone managed to change my camera from tv - av mode so this photo of me got rather blury. dulll

Simon rockin' a pretty fuckin' high b-hop to 180 off.

And thats about all I have for you.
working crap loads from now until I don't know when so probably be another ages untill another update. so enjoy!
happy holidays.

Stay rad!