May 23, 2005

Riding when the Weathers Good

The good weather is few and far between these days ... so is peoples brains waves , Tim u aint no fucken phykit..

Louis Tobaggan on the Vic mini Session
Image hosted by
Luke TableTop , Vic mini session ..
Image hosted by
Goegre busted that wall , like G's at te pai
Image hosted by

later , go shot someone...

May 20, 2005

Taupo Comp Tomorrow!

Comp isn't on anymore...the dude must have found a kiddy know..


May 15, 2005

Simon's Art...

Simon was bored today and decided to show off his Photoshop skill's...soo sick brah:

I Spose I may aswell post a couple of other pictures well I'm at it.

Steven, Table Thingie.

Adam, With Some Seasoned Style

Steven, Wallride

Oh yeah I forgot to say, Rotorua now has a dirt quarter to wallride at the end of the trails, Nic, Luke and Brazil(Fred?) are coming down next weekend to check it out, you should to!

Heres a shitty picture of the wallride:

Thats that, check out the Links down bottom right there, and go ride.


May 08, 2005

Taupo Roadtrip

Simon, Steven, Cody, Jared and I went on a roadie, well a day trip to Taupo yesterday, Loaded with Slayer, 3 Inch's of blood, bikes and hangovers we left for the Skatepark of Taupo.

Actully skatepark could probably be replaced with "playground", as when we were arrived we were greeted with about 20 kids playing on the skatepark well their dad's played Rugby and with me being brakeless it made it basicly impossible to ride, they left after awhile thoe.

I actully took picture's of riding aswell...imagine that.


Steven, Air, I have never figured out how to take these pictures:

Simon, Table:

Simon, Turndown:

Simon, 270:

Simon, Tuck:

I can't be bothered writing anymore, ride time.


May 02, 2005

Rotorua Roadtrip

You could say it was a roadtrip , but for sure it was hell fun.... Ridng the park mostly went down and a really cool traisl sessoin with bryce from waihi and jared ... Enough was drank and alot of SLAYER live DVD was played .... more head banging was soon to onslaught... Pictures , not ice cream ... Pictures
Here Ryan boosts the roto hip
Ryan Sucks
Jared Fufanu , Rotorua sick
Steven Flowing a 270 over the Roto hip
Slayer concert at ryans , too much headbanging aint good for Ya...