September 19, 2008


back books is rad.


took a couple dirt pictures earlier this week, but wasnt going to post them untill I had more to make it a decent update, but i currently working 16 hour days at work, so I'm putting them up now to keep Sam happy rad.

first pic of the day, jed, forgot to change the shutter speed. duhhh

jacks behind

jacks front hind

jacks behind

volucid style photo WHAT!!!

sam blasting

sam inverting


have fun yall

September 13, 2008

friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday day ay

Today, well technically, yesterday Friday the 12th of sept. jack woke me up at 130 in the afternoon about the same time as simon asking to go for a ride.

The weather had been on and off all day, in fact driving to Simons it was raining so we really had no idea how it was going to turn out.

but we made the venture to Ngongotaha park anyway.

Had a wee ride here for a couple hours, Mitchel was wagging school and came down aswell.

i dont even really understand how people can blast 4 ft quarters, here mitchel does it well I botch the photo.

Jack decided to take his bike apart well simon blasted the wee out of the bowl


then we went home because Jack has pulled his bike apart.
cody arrived home just as jacks bike got fixed and we waited around for him to put his brakes & junk on.

jack ate shit on the lawn and. . .

Simon ninja kicked his way outa there!

at the skatepark there was a bazillion kids riding and equally as many girls that the kids strange these days how bmxers seem to know girls . . .


Cody hang-fiving well the cranks spin

Sam gets better every time I see him ride


well i was taking these pictures everyone rushed to the quarter which could only mean one thing . . .

Jesse I think this little shitheads name is, x-games glory.

then everyone went back to doing tabletops . . .

because i can't decide which pictures looks better I'll just put both in . . .

Simon blastin' wee's again. I prefer this one myself!

then we got KFC and went home

Sam was stupid enough to leave his bike with us and he got a new paintjob thanks to the memebers of 32 homedizzle street



and the final product with custom numberplate, bottle holder & sock holder.

hope you like it Sam!

I came across this clip aswell, yet another reason to love Barry Obama...or another reasn not to care.


goodnight y'all.

September 07, 2008

The Doors fucking suck mannn

ha ha. Jack you badass.

This is the 100th update on prophecy by the way. willdddd!

Yesterday I was awoken by Simon with the wonderfull news that Luke & Steven had come down from ak for Codys 21st the coming night, and Luke actually does still ride so he brought his bike down aswell.

We all met at the skatepark for a wee ride.

cody says hi!

simon says grizz!

jack says toboggan!

brian says whippywhippywhipwhip!

simons says im gay!

jack says im awesome!

brain doesn't say anything, he shouts it!

from here we went to ride the race track jumps

hahahaha i should get a cruiser or something.

Luke runs on the ground when he tailwhips

Brain getting down with some 'raditude'

i dont even think jack meant to do this

Simon gettin' it done

Luke gets back in the swing of thangs

luke loses the swing or things thanks to a booger

jack can also tailwhip

let me see yo hips SWING!

i think this photo is rad

jack crusing on through

i dont even know who this is


steven 180ing/eating shit

jack xing

club causal, i think this is simon

brian grabbing his ballZ

ha ha. jack learnt how to superman today

i dont know how to take pictures of a superman but jack is happy with this so here you go

luke is gangsta as fuck

then after a heated discussion we went back to the skatepark.

Brian wanted some photos for etnies. but I don't really think these are up to standard so I'll put them on here for you...let me know if you want them for your shit Brian

Just to show you how high this is . . .

Icepicking like mad


rockin' the same fufanu that killed haimona. ha


and then the night begun . . .

jack is always so happy

probably the wildest taxi ride i have been on...i dont know how we didnt get kicked out

yay cody!

lisa was sober the entire night



awwwww, happy couple number two


i dont even know what to say here

who were these girls??


is what happens

when you give

simon your camera

to take


codys key was awesome

the wifes

phillip gives a fuck you to the boobs

then after that i hung with some friends from work.

carlette stacey her flatmate

and to finish this update I'll leave you with this lovely fellow

probably the best photo of the night!

rad, thanks to luke and steven for coming down and everyone for coming out!

more photos from the 21st are on my Facebook . . .