September 01, 2008

dont just look at it, eat it!


I took a bunch of pictures on Friday, but i can't be bothered making a post about it so here is a link to the photobucket album with the pictures inside of it:

And here is a little sample of the pics inside of said album:




I think this kids name is Jed?

Jed again if thats his name

Jack getting Xtreme

Simons ass

that kid that is maybe called jed

im a shithead and can't remember anyones name, but this guy is a drunk!

this guy is english, or french, or both, closers to one but not the kind of what is closer...i dunno you tell me

this person is many a thing

jack feeling at home with the trash

here simon is next to me bugin' out like a tribe called quest

simon here takes a picture of himself

jack wants to give you a french...or english kiss

i got bored on the trip on saturday and make this in the van. next time it will be proper and not jack getting bigger and bigger...but I know you like it that way

can you guess what this is? leave a comment and if you guess right I'll buy you a lolly.

oh, i ended up posting a big sample of the pictures, here is the link to all the pictures if you cant be bothered right clicking on the photos:


On to today, 31st of August is it???

Met up with brian george jesse jack and simon in town
brian went home to wifey
i think george and jesse went to the dirt jumps to meet up with us but we went to some schools instead. SUCKA'S!

Jack fired out a rail a bunch of times and i learnt how not to take pictures of jack firing out a rail a bunch of times, I don't really like how these pictures came out but you might like them which would make you/me wrong.

you know its serious time when the tounge comes out

from here we went to this shitty grass hip which was awesome
took off differently every time, but every time was a good time! Do I sound like a church camp leader or what.

anyway . . .

this may or may not have been landed with feet on pedals. may not or may of

I think this photo is rad

well trying to peer into the boys dorm i discovered that there was now two of jack!

and simon! omg!


it took way too long to get this picture because i suck.

Then I went home to get ready for work.
work was boring, but I made some good coffee's and tasty cocktails and i got some tips.

All in all a great day.

i'm gonna get some stickers done up soon that you can't have, or maybe you can and maybe im just joking...ooooohhhhhh but which one am i joking about. ha ha ha, you might find out one day

ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa

goodbye for now.

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