November 19, 2009

dirt boobs and beers

sounds like a pretty good day to me.
not so sure about the next day. but that day sounds rad.

last saturday langlands had a wee jam at his dirt jumps. not many people made it through because of a wild side wind. but was good times all round anyway.

heres a couple of pictures from the day/night.

local dude that killed it

killin it

Langlans is wild...

Langlans whipped every jump in a row. so silly

Picture doesn't really do it of the best dudes in bmx right now

Piggy/slapper of every girls ass in the club/grain silo finder/throwerupper of KFC.

Langlands and jed flipped it out. jed ate it and paul sent it. radness ensued.

Simon sent it and then . . .

photo somewhat sum's up the day. swappas, bmx, sly steven and girls.



not stalker at all . . .

in a yellow van on the way to lamingtons?? i was confused/still am

sober as

kinda rued?

you're sick of these photos right? ha. rad. if you're not, go to my photobucket for more:

stay rad!!

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