November 06, 2009

slack as


Havent been updating much as when i was in oz my charger/battery/probably my whole laptop got fried and am waiting on insurance to pay up. bastards.
Heading up to ak tonight so hopefully will find out from a mac place if it is actually repairable. and yeah.

Just uploaded a few pictures from the last few months. and here they are. not alot. more more than nothing. stop you cunts (jack) from complaining so much.


here we go, also look out for simon stalker party pics. ha ha

street ride from ages ago. simon 180 chain

Simon, eatting shit on gate

simon 180 gate

probably rotorua's best ramp. pity its metal and usually covered in dirty and scum, im talking about the half pipe not simon.



Use #806424324747865489 for swappa crates

Few pics from phil's ladies 22nd i think it was??

Could you spot the pictures that simon took? ha ha

Sweet flyout/box jump session from a few weeks ago







Jed going the wrong way


Phillip going completly the wrong way. ha ha

yup rad.

hopefully get my laptop up and running sooner than later...if anyone has a spare MacBook power charger that they wanna loan me for a bit let me know . . .

see you next time

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Bevan said...

simons gay and phillip gets beat from his gf.