December 28, 2005


Well George, Louis, Mark and i Adam headed to Mark and Arrons trails where there was a new rool in speed jump, drop off thinng what ever u want to call it (i was scared of it )

So here is just a few pic that i took

Mike geting it invert

George tobogon

Mike 1 foot X

Leuis loockback

George tyre grab

George 1 handed table

sorry but this is my 1st update i will get there i just worked out how to make the pics bigger ^^.
we then headed off to devo 4 a quick cool down ride where some CUNT skater said we cant ride here WTF he said we will run the little kids over and will keep geting in his was way so we just ride some mini. Mark has decided that he will try enter in vert in X Air good 4 him hope he dose well I only got one photo there of mark doing a table / semi invert. well im off to Australia so see u guys at X air Peace


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Caleb said...

haha not this giy agan. Good job adam