December 22, 2005

Do a fuckn prophecy update

This is what I was greeted with last night, well actully, I'm lieing it went something like this:

Luke: ry-dog
Luke: I'd like to take this time to give you a big

Can't anyone tell why we all love him so?

Anyway, I've been to Auckland twice in the past month or so, but havent taken any pictures or anything, so you're just going to have to be bored with pictures from Rotroua.

Simon, Turndown over the wedge thinger.

Ohh yeah, Simon's new frame finnaly arrived, and not within one day of having it he order's another assload of stuff...his bike is going to be shithot come X*Air....not metion his trickery.

The local hucker Ash has been riding quite a bit latley, botched superman photo over the rolly.

Ash, Manual on thy ledge.

Oooh yeah, theres also a couple of videos I found uploaded on an old server plus a couple of new ones. . . now if I can remember the linking html bullocks.

The following videos are shitty 1-5 second clips of Rotorua riders probably casing or landing flat...check it.

Right Click then 'Save Target As' on the link below.

Ash, Hop Manual, sketch out!

Simon, Bigish 180 At City Focus

Simon, Lookback

Steven, 270 Table

I'm more a less posting this because I need to download it again, prophecyBMX + snoop = heaven

This update is really small, so I'm going to bullshit you now.

Rotoruas show winning Demio, which also happen's to be Simons car recently had some wheels added:

Rollin' On 13s!

Rotoruas newest find, Brenner, $9 for a dozen, smells looks and tastes like shit, Double brown for...well, excited people.

Thats it


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