February 07, 2013

Waitangi Wednesday Waikanae Woadtrip!

Over 150 years ago some white boys told some maori's to sign some stuff over to them and it'l be all good, turns out it wasnt and now we have Waitangi day.  Best part is we get a day off and 13 of us (2 vans and 2 utes) decided to head south on a roadie.  As per usual I was useless with the camera and rode all day until right at the end when I hurt my hand.  So I ended up with a couple of alright photos from Otaki on our last stop.
Chunk got closer and closer to these all day even getting to the pedals sometimes.  Super controlled and dialled, wont be long till they are on lock.
Apparently party Phil can boost and table, who knew...
Squeek at Pukerua Bay
Brad - Wall ride out of a very tight tranny at Pukerua Bay
Brayden - Heel vader on our 2nd stop at Waikanae for the day
Kane - Nac at his park

Kane boosting the back quater

And last of all Chunk doing a big dirty grizz
So im still useless at getting the camera out and not learning how to use it as fast as I could but getting some solid riding time in and slowly getting clips together for another Palmy edit!

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