December 18, 2004

Videos and junk.

Heres a couple of videos from today.

I'll be posting some full on videos with music soon...haha, I just need to make them semi-decent, but heres a couple of quick clips from today.

I'll post more when I'm not so tired:

Me, Table:

Me, Tuck:

Steven, Pedal Pick Crash:

(Right Click and "Save Target As" to download, except for stevens one, just click on it :)

Um, news, I have just got back from Taupo, the riders their Rip, huge tricks and tech galore.

Jed - 360 to Icepick bonk over the spine...

And he also told of werid and wonderful things about his trip to Oz...can someone say 720 tailwhip!

Um yeah, I'm tired and need booze.


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