November 06, 2005


Well Well Well, It would seem that the last 36 hours have been very good for the people we consider to be friends, namly PINK HAIR & Emo girls, more about the first one later.

Yesterday, being Saturday, Simon, Steven Cody & I boarded the Maori Wagon express for the Land of Taupo! Well we left around 1ish, got there about 2ish to find a quite full & windy Taupo park, which is never fun.
Jed showed up and ripped the place up, 720 there, double whip here, tailwhips way above the coping . . .Jed could very well be NZ's best rider, behind the Blue Bonnet, of course. And as per usual my pictures are shit, but trying to stay out of this guys way is a mission by itself...he hits every square inch of the park.

Jed, botched photo of a rather large air.

We also met one of the sweetest dudes who has moved to Taupo from Pittsburg (which I probably spelt wrong) USA.

Mark...getting Loose.

He gave us a place to stay and also led us on a huge walk to town from his house...but hell, it was worth it, slappers, cig butts, BMXers galore, everyone getting loose and having a good time.

Mark, He rekons he only learnt these about a week ago . . .

After we all got a bit tired of the park and after learning of Jeds birthday party that evening we headed to this Wallride down by the water front.
It seemed to be a pretty perfect grass bank to a fence about 20meters long.
Oh apart from the nails sticking out . . .people are crazy.


Mark, Fakie wallride right up there.

Simon once again stole the show with his HOT wallride to invert? off.

After hitting up the wallride we headed back to Marks to chill & have a couple of quiets well waiting for out Sober driver to arrive to take us to Jeds hoe down.

We got to jeds, chilled in the parking lot, then basicly got kicked out because we were drinking there, then we found out that it wasn't B.Y.O.

So back to Mark's to get intoxicated first, Stories from america, loose women, glass blowing, shirt swapping & about 50 bottle of booze we started our trek back to the Party, but not before waiting for a bunch of screaming people outside...who seemed to be angry, but they never threw a punch? So stupid.

Jeds party was pretty fun, lots of people, the odd good song, BMXers and good people were around, all was going good untill someone thought it would be a good idea to light up a green durrie inside the building...Lights on and everyone out.

Then we headed back to marks, where steven and this girl with Pink hair showed up..a myspace connection I think, and then we lost them, Cody simon mark and I headed to town....40mins later we were there, was good.
Got home, and still no sign of Steven.

From what we remember of this girl, well, Imagine Paris Hilton right, then imagine her getting hit by a truck carrying elephants, and then her hair being died hot pink...some people have some werid fantasy's...but whatever, Any holes a goal?

Next morning woke up around 9am, to hungovers and people dropping cosby's left right and centre . . .Cosby's really smell by the way.

Errrrrrr, then to the park to riiiide our hungovers away.
Steven arrived a wee while later...

I suppose I should shut up and post pictures?

Steven, Tabletop on the rolllly thinger.

Mark, Air out of Taupo big bowl...botched photo, yes, but its still cool.

Mark, Stevens one big Turn on without a dout.

Thanks to Mark & his flatmates for letting us stay & get rowdy & thanks to jed for inviting us to his hum digger of a doo!

No offense was meant to be made via making this blog post, but if offense has been taken, EAT A FAN ONE.

ha ha ha.

I'm tired, and the deck is calllling me.

Have a drink on me and download some Isis.

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