December 10, 2012

Hi Phillip

Over a year since a post. Has to be the worst record yet. You all know (I mean the 50ish of you that viewed this blog in the past year) know who Phillip is, but just in case heres a small reminder.
Here is Phillip taking out cody with a light bulb
Here is Phillips's car being taken out by a lightbulb
Here is Phillip smiling. (FYI, Phillip is not the ginge smiling. That is Jared, not Phillip) After the Police officer asked if he wanted to see the radar in the police car, Phillip said 'its not that impressive'.
Oh, and of course, other than being a good dude, Phillip is known for killing whatever he touches. Phillip has picked up a sweet camera and is taking some sweet photos and offered to keep this blog alive. Which is rad, as theres too much crap on here to be lost in the google world. So there you go, check back for some updates from Phillip hopefully sooner than later. rad!!!! Ryan

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