December 19, 2012

Carls Jr opening jam

Alan Montefiore brought his box jump to Palmy on the weekend for the opening of Carls Jr.  Along the way he stopped in Tauranga and picked up a talented undersized ginger named Alex Cranswick.  Kane and a few of the Wellington boys came up for a jam also.  Quite a few of the photos are of Kane even tho he was being a bitch and wouldnt flip or 3 whip it and didnt stay to get loose afterwards.  Didnt get too many photos because as per usual I was riding most of the time.  Click for larger images.
Cranswick - Indian Air

Kane - Superman

Kane - Turndown

Kane - Down whip on the landing

Cranswick - backie

Alan ballin with the Carls Jr vouchers

Kane - Nac

Alex decided to flip the box after we had started taking it apart.

...then we got loose

Gareth got extreme in the wheel chair with grinds and roof drops.  To say he was drunk was an understatement, he barely made sense.

It was a epic weekend all round.  Good riding, good people, good times.  Shout out to Mountainflower for making it all happen and being a all round GC.

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