December 18, 2012


Fielding local Brayden Just, Michael Bell and Myself did a roadie to Rotorua/Tauranga to ride Dialled indoor.  Michael was deadset on learning flips but as he found out they are hard if you dont hold on to the bike. First we rode Park Rd in Rotorua which is a tiny but fun park.
Simon - Euro

Me - 450 Bar

Simon - Whip

Me - One hander

Sam - 1 foot t-bog at the town park in Rotorua

Bad ass personalised plate on a Gallardo
 Then we made it to Dialled indoor.  Not many photos taken as we were all having a blast riding.
Sam - 1 handed can

Brayden - Footjam whip

Sam - 1 foot table
 After a huge day riding it was time for some competitive beer pong back in Rotorua.
Slow shutter speed showing the ball going intot the cup

Beer pong crown being worn by Sam

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