December 18, 2012

First post, WOO!!!

Just a couple of quick photos from our Christchurch trip for EDH Jam.  Palmy local Michael Bell and myself (Phillip) made the trip and met up with the Welly boys and Alan Montefiore down there.
This is where we stayed which was super sweet.  It was a prison built in 1876 and has since been turned into a Backpackers.  Highly recommend it if your going to Chch and looking for cheap accom.

Brads jumps are amazing but due to a head wind we didnt get to ride them :(
Bevan doing a euro table on the outdoor 1/4.  This setup was actually quite dodgy, especially the run up, but luckily Bevan is superhuman and it didnt phase him.

Lastly a couple of pics of me riding the super tight but super legit indoor setup also at Brads.  In the bottom shot I actually hit the roof hard enough to make my arm bleed. 
I kind of rushed this post as I have to be at work in minus 3 minutes but its the first of many so check back soon for more.

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