August 20, 2011

Sorry for letting you down Jack

Sorry Jack, I'm slack!

Heres some dark, blurry, out of focus photos for you Jack, since you will be the only one reading this.

In other news, winter is cold and shitty. Can't wait for summer.

Simon keeping it real.


Sam has a flattie

All tho this may just look like a super whip (which would be super rad) it's actually a 270 fakie. which is pretty rad aswell. rad!

Then theres some next level steeze, with a 270 tyre grab fakie. too much

I would call this a curb endo, but its probably not called that anymore. Sam with a " "

THis was off the ledge aswell, all tho you wouldn't know any different. its rad. sam is rad. rad!

Simon makes scooter kids cry and rides against doctors order. ultra badass

Simon still kills it despite all.

good enough jack?

Will hopefully be working less soon so will be able to take more photos soon.

Maybe I'll even learn how to bunnyhop again.

I'll leave you with some hip hop for white people:

Stay rad!

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