March 14, 2011


Just realized there has been about 4 posts in the last year.

Not that anyone will be reading this!

Here's a couple pictures from semi-lately of the usual crew.

IN new, Phillip has moved southern ways, Jared is in chile building mtb tracks and simon is currently in a hospital bed!

Shit a brick, heres some pictures of better times.

Little trip to Tauranga/Wendys last month.

Simons rad!!

and then a few pictures from the local, feat. simon & connor...

and this sweet ass

Connor...who isn't even at high school yet doing tricks you cant do yet. stay rad!

Simon witha big ole 180

Simon got a new bike thanks to Mr. Bevan so he made some hand signs

and in an attempt to make up for the lack of updates here a picture of daisy lowe


should be a video up soonish as soon as my laptop loses some weight.

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