February 18, 2009

buud buud buud


Phillip does the best tabletop taboggans

Sam wears girl's name tags on his bike and does x-ups

Phillip still does rad toboggan tabletops

phillip noted on my facebook that in simons shadow in looks like hes doing something completly different...angles man angles!


two more photos of the same trick? why not

Sam should probably buy some new shoes

two photo's of Simon now.

Phillip tabletopping

Tabletop Samming

we all went to te ngae for some flyouts which turned in to footjam tailwhips for about an hour.

Cody getting it done.

well that footjammed I ginger beered

Cody got stoked!

then we hit up the rotorua streeeet

Phillip brought his shit to the street!

This photo is kinda confusing as it looks like hes coming from no where...iiinnnnnnnnresting!

Simon did some whips!

and what also could be considered an extreme nacnac according to phillip! ha haa

Then we stopped for a drink stop, influenced by Haimona...do the dew!

Simon met his real dad.

Then went and did some more whips

Also jumped a chain

off the chain man!

Then we rolled back to the skatepark and cody took my camera hostage and took some snapZZZ

Jared got tuffff

Simon got dark

Phillip 270 fakie

simon icepicked the entire rail

Cody took a picture of himself

t-hang??? how do picture this!?


Awesome. Iron Maiden this friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see you then

A rose in the thorns. haha. lame.


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