February 10, 2009

bbbllluuururrrrrryyyyyyy ahhhhhhh

So, I'm not really too sure where to start with this one.

Jed's taupo Jam was on this weekend just gone, I was just able to attend friday & night as i had work on saturday.

Friday didn't really get off to a good start, with Brian taking it hard, and he is now spleen-less and as far as I know still up in hospital, Brian took a pretty bad crash and I hope he's doing okay! when i know more i'll let everyone know.

But apart from that, friday seemed to be a nice sunnysunny day for riding in the sun and getting some time in on the dirt jumps before saturday/sundays jam/comp thinggg.

this kid boost's like wild.

Langlan's flippin' on through

i thought this picture was kinda funny.


just to give you an idea of the jumps . . .

after booking into the backpackers and a bit of lunch and the skate comp had finished the park got pretty heavily sessioned, with some pretty retarded stuff going down, Melborne is rediculous!

anyway, i could really care less about whip to footjams so i took a few picture's of Caleb absolutly killing the big bowl.

Cody 'ill drink to that!

From here it was back to backpackers then on to the friday night party. was super good times! thanks to jed and everyone who was involved in getting it done!
i took about 300 photos this night so no doubt pissed some people off. but anyway, in cobrasnake fashion, heres the pictures:::

when we were sitting on the deck of our backpackers we looked across the way to see george louis mark caleb and someone else! wild!

Turns out that gisborne was staying at our backpackers aswell!

this pizza probably saved the night

Phillip found a book of the other people in our backpackers room which had a picture of a man with a surfboard on a horse surfing a wave! wtf! look at it for yourself. haha

god did phat skidZ/stair riding next to the barrrrr

pete was stoked!

$2 for one nip of Barcadi, $6 for a triple barcadi & coke??? yes please!

jeff's ballZ

Melbourne was stoked on real NZ beer.

I think this is jed's little brother who was drinking cola

phillip suggested a beer.

can you see his mum in the background being stoked as????

Then a few people when to the skatepark for a dranken ride
jono had a flat tyre but still managed to do some backflips...willddd!!

bikini girls! wtfff

and that was about my night out. lots of fun riding, lots of booze lots of boogie and lots of good times!

heres all the pictures that i uploaded: http://s51.photobucket.com/albums/f357/_ryangray/feb6-2009-Tjam/

And now, just to keep some kids happy, here's a few pictures from our trip to Putaruru earlier in the week

the day did more a less turn into a flyout session which is why i wasn't really in too much of a hurry to get the pictures up. but here they arrr

Jesse with a pretty large flip

then he took his hands off & did a no handed flip !

Simon boost's

sam riding my bike


simon with a sweet look back

pete going beyond flat

cody with a simon

please excuse all the party photos. but heck. party/drank is just a part of BMX as riding itself. rad. see you next time.

bug in my room!


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