October 10, 2008

yeah, prety much....yeah

Today I was a bit bored at home, had the day & night off work, but my back was too fucked to go for a ride, but figured I'd go say hi to everyone at the skatepark, shot the shit and got some new photos for an update.

Rad, check it ouuttt.

Cody started skateboarding

He also took a couple photos of simon:

cody photo

cody photo

yeah boii!

no hand foot jam what!

this kid was loose apparently.

tailwhip's were flying like mad left right and jack/simon

Simon whipppppping


gettin' it done

who cares. heres another tailwhip

and another

and another

and another

and another including jacks hairy nipples!

just to break the tension, heres Jesse!


your gay

simon decided to get silly and whip the transfer well i ran there and tried to take a photo

transfering tailwhip again

simon thinks his turndown is better than jacks

jack thinks his turndown is better than simons

jack and simon thought they would whip over a fence...sure it had fallen over but it's still a fence


I forgot to take pictures of all the ramp tramps to rival zombie's girlie pics...but this bmx mum will do....her frontside was probably better than her rear side

here is jack thinking of said ramp tramps

i dont even know what simon is thinking of

Oh, I'm selling my frame as its too short my lanky ass:
e-mail me if you're interested so i don't have to pay dumb trademe fees

ALSO, if you didn't already see on zombie, theres a comp/jam in Rotorua next saturday

I'm going to be in Auckland on friday night and coming down here on saturday so if anyone wants a ride then let me know!

I think thats about the lot.

As you all know by now we all lost a great friend that was Tim Hales last week, thoughts go out to his loved ones, he will be missed by all.

Ride In Peace bro . . .


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