October 13, 2008

at the coco...COCO CABANA!


today was a nice day for sitting in a park with sweaty boys & seagulls, alleyways with fucked up tar sealing are also good on a day like this.

so that's exactly what we did, oh simon, I stole your sweater aswell...sorry g.

yo yo

happy jackie

happy larry

happy happy cody!

cody jamming it up

george dropping from such great heights..ha gay Ben Gibbard reference

Jed no handering the rollllly

little dion blasting

jack telling ole fishermen tales

B.A came down aswell, but he had broken his hand so all I got of him was him grinding on jacks new bike. mean photo aye!

awww cody wody

this kid is also called Ryan....very confusing

you didn't think it was gonna be an update without tailwhips did you???? Simon keepin' it real

Try & look at Jacks face and keep your one straight . . .faggot

little dion again rockin' the hip to hip.

simon doesn't like these anymore...ugh

I dunno this kids name, but his doctor told him that he can't ride anymore because his wrist is fucked, here he rocks a balls out cancan transfer.

jack gettin' shady

but not so slim


if i was to tell you that this was a 360 you wouldn't believe me would you? . . .simon, 360 fakie

Littl dion, tableing. haha, the three last words are spelt wrong. yeah!

simons doing what he wants what he wannnttssss

jed goes high

jed goes loowww

jackie when you're touching my soul in the heat of the niiighhttt oooohhhh jaccckiiieee

simon gets flat

in case you didn't notice i dont move much around the skatepark...same angle. diffrent trick

George doing his favourite trick aparently, i have a gif that ill make of him one day . . .

mo tailwhips!

simon gettin' in the last trick as the sun went down. awh preetttyyy

then we went and rode this SWEET ditch that we just discovered!

simon is doing a tailwhip, i swear

jack blasting the 30cm high tar seal lip

jack running out the frame...get back here you daammmmm wabbit

cody blastin'


another tailwhip. rad

thanks y'all!

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