October 18, 2008

Comp wildness!

Toddayyyy there was a comp at the skatepark run by the fish n chip shop across the road.

And I arrived back from Auckland late for the comp so i arrived as everyone was leaving. suckssssss.

But some pep's went to the dirt jumps and killed it:

Simon cleaning his tyre

Brian mid way through an oppisite 720. i know what the fuck!

kids got boost!

Simon whippin'

simon no foot can whippin'

Jed flippin'

Sam footin'

nosin' again!

Sam cannin' the wrong way

Simon has a LONG ..leg


Jed threein'

yeah. average as. I have got about 8 hours sleep over the last 3 days...I'm gonna go have a nana nap.


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