April 07, 2006

Shit, has it really been that long?

people have probably stoped bothering to come to this blog by now.
but yeah.
There havent been many updates because I've been slacking & luke lost a good months worth of pictures from his camera...including those hot myspace pictures.

Okay, I'll check to see if this update is going to be more than just writing.

okay, yup.

Heres a couple of shitty pictures, where people are going lower than they usually do, because they love me taking pictures of them riding.

Steven, head down. Must be the cool way. LOLerskates.
Oh yeah, its over the transfer aswell.

Simon, with his signature move.

Simon, Euro boost is what the file name is. but I've seen Simon go about twice as high as this, so lets just call it a euro over the gap.

Simon, Abubaca to fakie...belive it or not.

So, well. thats all the latest pictures. heres a couple of misc. that I dont think have shown up on the site.
but they probably have.

In case anyone was wondering what happened to Simons show winning Demio, its gone. thanks to a dumb ass at Taupo.

Also, this is Jeds new jump in Taupo.

Im sure I've posted this before.
anyway, its literally in a volcanic valley...their last jump landing colaspased and now theres a bunch of steam rising up where it once was.
crazy Taupo peps.

oh yeah, I forget to Mention awhile ago that the bastard got a pic on bmxonline, taken by losey I belive.
this was the picture:

pretty fancy stuff.

oh yeah, I dont think I even put this picture on this site...I probably did thoe.

Brian doesnt go big.

well we're on the subject of cool things.

Heres our dirt track, 2 months in.

If you're friends with us & are passing through town, feel free to give me a holla so we can get digging.

I finnaly got around to adding some more bullshit to this.
I really dont know what to say.

I found this picture on myspace:

For anyone that has actully been here you'll know how amazing this really is.

SO I thought I had more to say.

Anyone in Auckland wanna hire me to paint your fingernails?

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