March 28, 2006

SaTuRdAy StReEt RiDe

holla last sat we went 4 a street ride all around the Auckland city got a few pic so here they are

Brian the Bastard geting it double peaging down this YMCA rail
Louis did the rain next to it but every tine he did it the camra was
off or mophit was in my way GRRRRRRRR

Ichy feeble down med center ledge SWEET BRO

brian with a hugh hop showing this 2 us buy bunny hopping up this ledge SWEET BRO

George with a 180 off the ledge

Mophit double peging this white ledge very cool or should i say SWEET BRO

George & Louis rail hoping

Kirk was rideing good on sat i seen some good stuff from him like icepicking a ledge at the musium and doing this wall ride fakie on the sub box car barrier thing SWEET BRO

Brian the Bastard icepick to fakie on the car barrier RAD

George did a hand plant over this thats was pretty intence after several go's. He even through his bike so hard it bounced into the back of a parked ute lucky it was a ute we then went to the musem where there was allot of rideing going down well thats all fokes. Zombie jam is on this weekend so hope too see all u roto boys up here 4 that (no excuses ) and happy rideing

P.S sorry about the spelling im doing this b4 work today and im late but i wanted to get it finished and 4 u luke what up no updates ??????

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